I was wondering whether I would take the time to write here today. The last two weeks have been very difficult for me, I lost someone very important to me, to smoking related cancer and on top of that I am in the process of quitting myself so I’m off in lala land and keep losing track of what I’m doing. (So please excuse my entry if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense) I would love to just crawl up into bed and ignore the world for a while but being a mum and running a business doesn’t stop completely for you to grieve, well not if you don’t want your business to fail and you plan to keep your kids alive!

The business can be slowed down and you can take a step back for a little while and luckily I have a very supportive partner to help keep our kids alive.

The only trouble is now that I have slowed the business down am I ready to push for it to grow again or just maintain where it is at the moment for now and just enjoy my kids and my hobbies? Losing someone really puts into perspective what is truly important to you.

How dedicated are you to be a successful business woman AND mum?

Being a wahm means that it is up to you to how successful you are. You are able to do both by finding balance, sometimes you might just feel that one needs more focus then the other at certain times it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or that it can’t grow, you just have to be prepared for it to take a little longer, if you want to keep a balance for yourself, that stops you from stressing and truly makes you happy.

Emotional self care is very important, Because stressing about one area in your life is only going to affect all other areas in your life and stop you from enjoying living your life as much as you can! So take the time to focus on what you need to, when you need to. Other things can wait if you are doing what is most important to you now. Life has ups and downs but you can have more ups if you are happy and focus on enjoying the good you have in your life.

Now I’m off to enjoy my kids and some time out for me gardening

Lots of Soul Warming, Messy, Art Creating Love, Breanna ox

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Breanna-BlackmanHi, I’m Breanna a WAHM with 3 active kids who loves to be outside, get messy and create. I love sharing through blogging what its like to live a full life with kids, art, nature and love. As an active mum who doesn’t want to miss out on a balanced life, I can show you how you to can fit in fitness, healthy food and time for yourself between all that you do so you can enjoy more of your kids, achieve more dreams and really enjoy living mum guilt free. My business and paintbox full of supportive montage mums can help to show you how to take time for YOU around your busy life and kids.