The first time we took Ethan on a plane, he was 8 months old. He cut a tooth mid-11-hour-flight and screamed blue murder for two hours solid… While the seatbelt signs were on and he was strapped to my knee.

I even had another passenger throw some profanities my way… Even though he had a daughter of roughly the same age.

We fly back for a wedding (Perth to Ireland) in a month’s time. And whilst I’m beyond excited about the wedding itself and seeing all our family and friends, I’m really REALLY not looking forward to the 21 hours on a plane with an 18 month old.

Ethan’s tantrum skills only included crying the last time we flew. This time around, he’s throwing some back arching, yelling, shrieking and floor thumping into his bag of tantrum-y tricks.

Whilst 75% of the time, he’s dreamy and adorable and I can’t get enough of cuddling and playing with him… That leaves the remaining 25%. Which is an unspeakable 5.25 plane hours.

I once read that it was a good idea for my husband and I to book separate seats on the plane so that at any one time one of us can be sleeping/watching a film etc. while the other one deals with either our adorable son or hell child, whoever he chooses to be at that moment in time.

But I’m undecided.

Anyone have any experience flying with a toddler? And do you have any advice?
Gone are the days of a relaxing glass of red and a romantic comedy. Sigh.

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