#babyandbusiness How to happily manage baby and businessI recently spoke at a beautiful afternoon tea in Melbourne held by Jade from Event Head with the theme of Babies and business.  It was perfect timing for me, having spent the last 8 months running my business with my new baby.  I’ve learnt so much about business and wellbeing and being present for my family and what my ‘dream life’ of really enjoying my family time looks like.  I had 12 weeks of maternity leave where I did no work at all (and also had family to do all the house work and care of the other children!) and then very gradually began working in the business again with just one hour a day.

I could write a book on time management from the insights this experience has given me but since I don’t quite have time for that today I’m sharing my best tips in a handy , easy to remember acronym: RELAX!


#babyandbusiness Reevaluate



#babyandbusiness Eliminate



#babyandbusiness Lean



#babyandbusiness Automate



#babyandbusiness eXhale

Do you agree? What advice would you give to a new mum managing a business?

Peace x