Journalist Georgia Main has worked in the broadcast media as well as print and radio for the last decade. She’s reported on everything from natural disasters to celebrity interviews. Georgia has also just had her second child. Connect2Mums asked Georgia for her insight on how small businesses can attract media attention.
Georgia Main how to pitch to the media

Describe your job as a journalist?

I’m a storyteller. I rely on interviews with experts and everyday people to help me bring a story to life. Every day I gain an insight into people’s lives – their opinions, their struggles and triumphs. I help to question government policies and lobby for change. What other job would you get to do all that?!

What makes you cover a particular story?

Relevance – is a topic currently being talked about by the public?

Visual – what pictures accompany the story? Is it interesting, colourful and fun?

Talent – who is going to be interviewed? Are they prepared and can they speak well?

Interest – is it an interesting topic? Would the public be interested?

Who does it affect?  – the more people the topic affects, the more interest in the story.

What is your advice to someone trying to get media attention?

One word – angle. Everyone is trying to sell something but there has to be an angle – something interesting about it – for it to be picked up by the media. Has the business won an award? Is a celebrity associated with the brand?

Take fake tan. There’s hundreds on the market. An interesting angle would be to involve the brand in a fake tan challenge. Which product gives the best tan? It’s visual and entertaining and much more interesting than simply saying “you should buy this fake tan!”

Why is timing important?

With the news cycle running 24 hours a day, journalists are inundated with press releases every day. Don’t think a journalist will remember a press release a month or two down the track. Think about events that might make your product or business more relevant. For example, the spring racing carnival is coming up. Millinery at any other time of the year wouldn’t be of interest but, during spring racing, an article or story about how many fascinators and hats are being sold, trends and who’s wearing what suddenly becomes a hot topic.

What makes a press release/information pack stand out?

Think about who and what your product is best suited to. Some stories are better told in print, others are very visual and great for TV. Take the time to tailor your information and if that means sending out four different press releases and information packs then so be it. Think about any quirky facts that may make you stand out from the crowd. And know your numbers – the media loves statistics!

If you’d like to talk more to Georgia about how you can best pitch your business to the media or are interested in media training, you can contact her on 0488 278 720 or

Georgia Main how to get pr