I can’t afford it

The kids wouldn’t cope without me

Surely I should be spending that money on my business – I could do with a new x

Isn’t it a bit…..selfish?

Perhaps these are some thoughts that have circled your head when considering the upcoming AusMumpreneur Women Leading Fearlessly Retreat (or any self development program for that matter) Whilst we probably all agree in theory with the air hostess analogy of putting your mask on before looking after others, the reality is that if there’s a burnt chop in the dinner, we are going to be the first ones to take it!  We are great at caring for the needs of our families, communities and customers but sometimes this can come at the expense of caring for ourselves.

Often some of the best things we have ever done require a little nudge.  So if you are on the fence and need some extra motivation, consider these 5 reasons you can’t afford NOT TO come to this year’s AusMumpreneur’s retreat.


  1. Working on YOU is key to your business success (and is even way more important than working on your business)

Have a look at every single successful entrepreneur and you’ll find they have one thing in common.  The way they think which translates into the way they act.  Business is 10% about what you do and 90% about your courage, persistence, vulnerability and the way you manage yourself.  But this is often the area of development we neglect.  Signing up to a bloggers conference seems way easier than signing up for personal development but it’s not necessarily better.  Working on being the person who does great business should be balanced with learning what to do in business.


  1. Learning to let go of fears in a safe environment is the single handedly most important thing a business owner could do

Businesses fail because of fear.  Not because they didn’t have the best website or social media following or business plan.  Holding onto the past, needing to be in control, being scared of success, fear around money or competition, feeling like you’re not good enough.  The list is endless.  Seeing and overcoming your fears on your own can take decades, even lifetimes.  There is no more powerful fear releaser than sitting in circle with women who get you, who have been there and have proven ways to shift fear.


  1. Having a personal Board of Directors for 3 days

Many businesses have a Board of Directors who perform an invaluable function.  They have experience and “know how” but more importantly they are arms length enough to be able to spot things in your business that you are blinded to.  In the retreat every woman will be given airtime on their business and access to the whole team to focus on feedback.  This means that you will get the expertise, insight, experience and creativity of a group of people.   Imagine how many ideas will be uncovered (they normally pay consultants 100s of thousands of dollars for this)


  1. Customer and market research at your fingertips

Not only will the women in the circle be able to give you business insights but they are (or know people who are) your customer group.  Businesses spend a lot of money on focus groups, customer and market research and you’ll have the opportunity to gather this intelligence as part of our retreat.  Hey you’ll probably even walk away with the best marketing strategies around!


  1. Giving from the overflow

Sleep….a full night’s.  Champagne……the full glass without an interruption.  Adult conversation and laughter…..without having to look around to see what the kids are up to.  Massages if you wish.  Walks along the beach..  Music……you get my point.  Time just for you.  To recharge, nourish and rejuvenate.  And do you know who gets the most benefit from the experience?  Your family.  Let’s face it we are all juggling a million things at once, being responsible for what feels like everything and “on” 24/7.  We often operate out of a state of exhaustion and overwhelm.  And when we give to our families, often we are taking something away from ourselves.  And this doesn’t work.  The best giving comes from the overflow.  Meaning it’s only when your cup is full that you can effectively give to others.  So lets get that cup flowing and watch how your world thrives around you.


But wait there’s more…..a whole lot more…….you will learn techniques for boosting your calm, clarity and creativity.  Your will come away with a clear plan for your business.  You will learn mindfulness practices for your kids and family.  If writing a book is in your future somewhere you will be with at least 4 published authors with a wealth of experience.  And then there’s the expertise and hidden skills of the group.  I am particularly excited about learning how to set intention and clear space so that abundance flows through from one of the experts in our group.  Every single woman will bring their great qualities and something to share.

Plus professional development is tax deductible and that’s important this time of year too!!!!

So what are you waiting for?  There’s only 2 places left so make sure one is yours.

Warning: retreats with this facilitator often lead to lounge room karaoke, dancing and all types of antics.  Be prepared to have fun! book here

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Need some more reasons to attend!

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