Lisa is a contributing author to the best selling books Manifesting in High Heels – secret rituals to achieve success and The Nurtured Woman’s Book Series. She recently published her book Healing the Heart of Your Business – sustainable success for heart-centred women which is recommended as one the top ten inspiring books for December 2015 in the Aspire magazine.



Lisa revels in supporting women to find their sweet spot where soul purpose and abundance meet. She is the founder of Sacred Women’s Business, which serves conscious women to tap into their feminine wisdom and become the leading lady of their lives and businesses. Lisa loves coaching and training women to heal their businesses so that they can enjoy holistic and life-sustaining success.

Sacred Women’s Business was a finalist in two categories of the 2015 Ausmumpreneur Awards for Service Business and Emerging Business and won a third place in the Service Business category. Sacred Women’s Business believes in empowering women in order to make a stand for more awakened women to take positions in the areas of business, politics and finance so that the world can benefit from a greater balance and equality.


Lisa is a certified coach, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, speaker, registered Physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay with her two sons.

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Many who have found their calling in business are experiencing a dilemma. Knowing what your purpose is and actually making it work in business in sustainable and healthy ways can sometimes seem like two different quests. How often have you been told that once you find your purpose you’ll receive all the abundance, success and support you desire? Having big visions and dreams is one thing, but putting inspiration into motion and actually carrying out the tasks that make up your mission is where the real heroine’s journey begins. If you’re certain you’re living in alignment with your purpose but are facing challenges and doubts, now is the time to experience a tipping point in a positive direction.

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