As I journey along in my business adventures I realise many things. Things that I wouldn’t have really understood at the beginning of my journey. Not because I am not smart enough to understand, it’s because it has been a progressional process that I could only truly understand by experiencing them.

Recently I recognized that I’ve been very focused on success. Success for me is defined as seeing my vision for Serenity Press grow. Success is great but it is only one element of business growth. I have identified that I am very much a guided business person – if it doesn’t feel right I won’t go with it. I am also a believer in when time and circumstance align magic can happen and where there is a will there is always a way and those beliefs have stayed with me and served me well.

I studied the Law of Attraction and even certified as a Law of Attraction practitioner. I know the power of focus and mindset. I have identified that my mindset has been very driven by becoming successful in the pursuit of fulfilling my passion for publishing.

When I first started, I established what my non-negotiables were. This was important as I set clear boundaries and I could work within my own moral guidelines.

So, it was back to where there is a will there is always a way. I decided that I could manage a $50 per week investment in my business and any money that I earned from self-publishing I would reinvest to help the business grow. (It costs money to run a publishing business). Although I was self-publishing other people’s books and it was my absolute passion to do so, I always knew that Serenity Press was going to evolve into a more established traditional press, and it has. Something magical came from this business – a retreat division that can service my passion to return back to Ireland every few years with my children to see my family. I hired the west wing of a castle and brought writers from Australia to Ireland for the retreat – a dream come true and the whole experience was better than I ever could have dreamt. It was manifested from a seedling of an idea and it came together quite fast. I truly did test the law of attraction with this project!

Since this project I realized that I had come to a crossroads in my business journey. I like to call it a time of evolution. We all reach these times in business when we are no longer heads down striving to make it, we start to make traction and it isn’t so hard to achieve goals. The foundations have been built and the hard work in becoming established has been done.

So now for me it is time to shift my focus of attraction from success to wealth. This is an obvious transition right now because if I want to fulfill my vision for Serenity Press and my Making Magic Happen Academy. My instinct is telling me that it is time and we all know that it is at our own peril to not listen to our instinct!

I recall at the first Women’s Business School in Perth one of the speakers was all about finances and building up wealth in a business. I remember coming away from that masterclass so empowered because my cash flow figures for the year ahead were exciting.  She said something that stuck with me ‘Whatever makes you money in your business, stick with that.’ That has influenced some of my decisions this past year. It is largely to do with mindset. If I am making a decent income, doing what I love then I will do it for many years to come.

This simple adjustment in my mindset from success to abundance is something I must embrace to move forward. I am excited about watching this next stage manifest.

Have you reached this stage of your business journey? Have you had similar experiences or is abundance been a priority from day one for you? Have you transitioned through stages? How did that go for you?

I would love to hear more about your mindset priorities.

About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :

0681a9a5-3760-4628-a832-c58f1ef8860dKaren is founder of Serenity Press, a boutique publishing press based in Perth, WA that services clients with their established global distribution link. She is passionate that a publishing experience should be a positive one and likes to manage things at a personal level with her amazing team. Karen would love for you to join Serenity Press on their journey as they grow from strength to strength bringing amazing books to the world. Everyone has a story within themselves that deserves to be told. Get in touch with Karen here.