A new version of feminism is emerging – and mumpreneurs are driving this movement.

Mothering is important. I’m a feminist but I know that with all the best intentions the original feminist movement didn’t get it quite right, especially for mothers.

For the last 40 years women have tried to ‘fit in’ to a system that was never designed with them in mind. The 9-5 was designed by men for men. This was never the way women would have set things up if they’d been in charge.


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The mumpreneur movement is a reflection of women now creating a system and a lifestyle that works for them, with more consideration for flexibility, family time, productivity and financial independence. I believe it’s the next wave of feminism, women standing up and saying “you know what, the old way of working doesn’t work for me so I’m going to forge my own path.”

Mumpreneurs are fast paced, productive and smart. They can work from anywhere and they make their business work for them. Often they’re highly experienced and educated women with successful corporate careers behind them but find that once they become a mother their whole world changes and they want to find a new way to be this new person.

When we invest in and support mothers, we’re supporting families. Mothers are the heart of the family, they’re the ones in charge of making the majority of the decisions. Without a mother a family falls apart and yet, importance of this role is rarely acknowledged.

When you look at Australia there are literally hundreds of womens networks, but what is there for mothers? We’ve got the Australian Breastfeeding Association and Playgroup Australia and that’s pretty much it. The AusMumpreneur community is about providing support for mothers but it’s also about making people start taking notice, and start asking questions. Questions like – why are so many women turning their back on their corporate careers in favour of starting a business? Is it because mothers are more likely to be made redundant than anyone else in the workforce? Is it because mothers are made to feel like they should hide their pregnancies? Or lie when they need to take a day off when their kids at sick? Is it because part time workers are less likely to be taken seriously or offered a promotion? Is it because women are paid less than men & retire with less super?

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You see, there are a lot of things working mothers are dealing with that no one else sees or talks about and it’s about time Australia started taking notice and asking these questions.

The recent surge of women becoming mumpreneurs is not a coincidence.


It’s women standing up and saying we’re not going to put up with this anymore.

We’re going out on our own and we’re going to create something new, so that we can work on our own terms and create a life that works for our families.