Ha did that cheeky title grab your attention? I hope so, because I am really super passionate about this topic. Or rather, the topic of creating content that is so interesting, engaging and relevant to your audience that consuming it becomes utterly irresistible!

In short – we want to create meaningful online engagement with our audiences.



What does that mean? Well, have a think about how much your content (that includes your marketing emails, your social media content and advertising, your blogs and website content) resonates with your audience?

Ask yourself, do your customers see themselves in your content?

The reason it’s so important to create content that resonates with your audience, is because it achieves the four most important characteristics of successful online marketing (that is – marketing that converts):

1.    It attracts attention. Let’s face it, these days it’s very VERY hard to ‘cut through the noise’ in a busy market that is completely saturated with so many marketing messages. The only way to get people’s attention and start engaging with your customers is to show immediately that you ‘get’ your customers and have something of interest and value to offer them.

2.    It helps your ideal customers to get to know, like and trust you and your brand – quickly. In the anonymous world of marketing and selling online, establishing trust is one of the most essential steps to getting your potential customers to buy from you.

3.    It sets you up as the authority, or #1 solution. How? Well, the better your customers can see themselves in your content and the better you can describe their pain points, needs, wants or desires, and to do this in an emotive way, then the more automatically your audience will believe that you have the solution to their need (in your product or service).

4.    It helps move your ideal customers along the journey you want them to travel (ie from ‘just visiting’ to ‘I’m buying this right now!’) If your content resonates with your potential customers’ information requirements at each stage along their buying journey, then you’re much more likely to get that ultimate ‘yes’ from them when it comes time to ask them to buy.

The absolute key to creating content that resonates and engages with your audience, though, is to stop talking AT them and start a conversation!

Go from being the noise to being the song.

Most brands I see selling online or via email marketing, pretty much go straight for the jugular. It’s ‘You want this product, here it is, buy it now. Don’t want to buy it now? Sure you do – here’s a discount code! Come on, buy it now! Buy it now!’

The problem with this sort of message is that it’s exactly the same as what everyone else in the market is also saying. And these days, it pretty much has zero resonance with your audience.

I know it’s tough to find your own unique “voice” in your business, but ‘how’ you communicate is just as essential a part of your brand as what you communicate or how you present yourself visually.

My advice? Stop ‘telling’ your customers what to do and start a conversation with them instead.

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About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :


Catherine Langman is an award-winning business owner with extensive professional experience in brand communications, digital design and online marketing. As a business coach to Productpreneurs, Catherine has helped clients with product-based businesses to achieve massive growth in their own businesses. Find out more about Catherine here: www.catherinelangman.com