Routine…Routine…Routine… Or as I call it Oh Hello My Old Friend Monotony!

I have a  baby & a business. I have a Baby & a Business Blog, I have an Eco Shop KIND, I have a Baby & I am working on a lovely Eco Lifestyle Blog. I live on Coffee. Do I suggest you do the same? Absolutely not. I have only one child, there are women out there with lots of children doing a whole lot more than me.

The most frequently asked question [besides the usual when are you having another baby…to which I respond “well I almost died having this baby, when do you suggest I try that again?”] is how do you do it all?

The most important thing is that I know that I can not do it all. We have never had any family live near us [the closet is 12 hours away] so I don’t have the luxury of nanny or poppy keeping bubbalicious entertained while I unpack boxes upon boxes of stock. Our bubbalicious does not go to Day Care nor do we have a nanny. The whole nearly dying [the both of us] means I have gigantic trust issues when it comes to who can look after bubba. It is an issue that I will need to sort out before he goes to Kindergarten!

How do I keep it all kind of together? Routine. We have a lose routine/schedule that I follow everyday.


*Disclaimer – we don’t have a sleeper, so yes I know he wakes early & goes to sleep late. Even as a newborn was never big on sleeping.

Here is our routine:


4.30 am to 6 am – Bubbalicious wakes up, shower & dress bubba in around the house clothes. I get ready for the day, hair, make up etc.

6 am to 9 am –  Breakfast for bubba, Make the Bed, Unpack the Dishwasher, put two loads of washing on & hang out. Pack lunch box for bubba outing. Check emails & respond. Pack orders & prepare labels for dispatch. Change bubba into a “nice outfit” for his activity.

9 am to 12 pm – Bubba has a scheduled toddler activity every morning. Today was Toddler Gymnastics, tomorrow is swimming etc. After bubba activity we run errands, go to the Post Office. Bubba eats his morning tea & lunch either in the car or in the pram.

12pm – 2 pm – Change Bubba in PJ’s & NAP TIME!!! Bubba will wake anywhere between 12.30 & 2pm. I always pray for 2pm. While bubba naps I am on the computer running my business.

2 pm – 4pm – Afternoon tea time. Put 1 load of washing on, bring clothes in. Play in the Sand Pit, Cricket or Painting Outdoors.

4pm – Start Dinner. While dinner is cooking set the table, fold washing, do one item from the daily cleaning schedule I have. Today is the bathrooms. I think everyone should have a cleaning schedule! Bubba is playing with daddy by around 4.30pm – outside again.

5.30 pm – Eat Dinner

6 pm – Clean kitchen, put dishwasher on, make bubba warm milk. Put bubba in shower, dress in pjs’.

6.30pm to 8.30 pm – Start the long process of getting bubba to go to sleep. He is a little fire cracker so it takes a good couple of hours for bubba to go to sleep.

8.30 pm – Run around like a mad person picking up all the toys from the day. Folding more washing. I give myself exactly thirty minutes to straighten the entire house.

9 pm to 1 am – Sit down, turn the lap top on & start working.

1 am – Sleep & do it all over again the next day.


I would like to say that the routine changes on the weekend but alas it does not!




Bianca M. | Founder | KIND