Simone is a mum to 2 gorgeous boys, a mindset and leadership coach and owner of 2 successful businesses.

Simone’s purpose in business is to change the way women think, so that they can change the life they lead.

She believes everyone is a leader, title or no title and that leadership is not about creating followers, it’s about creating leaders.
The Liberated Leader is a program designed to assist emerging female leaders and entrepreneurs to be able to Observe their life, Shift the thinking and beliefs they have to Create a different result. Ultimately empowering women with tools and strategies to be the leaders of their own lives.

Simone has over 17 years in sales and account management for major multinational companies as well as over 6 years experience running her own business.

Bringing over 20 years of personal development study as well as certifications as long as your arm Simone works with women 1-1, in groups, in workshops and also loves to speak!3ec2738e-9c49-458f-b0d8-2744cde3e99d

“Working with has helped me become more driven and goal orientated in my business.  She has helped me to become more productive, to concentrate on the important things in my business and to become more accountable. She helps me to stretch myself, makes sure that I’m being “real” and is always there to celebrate my achievements.  With her help, I know that I am on the path to achieve my long-term vision and the future looks very exciting! Thanks Simone!”  – Melanie Ellis, Principal, A Change of Plan


“The Get Clients Now program was a valuable tool for my business.  Simone’s knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing was evident as she assisted us all through the program.  Her support and understanding was greatly appreciated as each business tacked and overcame many hurdles.

The program is designed to make you look at your business and determine what you want to achieve in 28 days.  As a business, you plan how you are going to achieve your goals by utilising the wealth of marketing solutions as identified in the marketing material provided.  It is pretty full on over those 28 days, and thankfully, Simone keeps you accountable; otherwise, I am sure, some people may just give up.

What I found invaluable was the weekly webinars that allowed us all to discuss our obstacles, and as an online community, brainstorm various solutions.  The ideal place to learn is with other like-minded people sharing a common goal in a supportive environment.  Simone undoubtedly provided that.

I highly recommend this program for any business that needs a kick-start on any project they want to get off the ground, or for any part of their business they want more help with.  28 days will see you get results and keep you committed to the end goal.

Thanks, Simone, for providing a wonderful resource that I can use time and time again.”  Vicki Williams, Film & Video Director, Owner – Rovick Productions

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