Tilly after winning a blue ribbon – a proud mummy moment

Melbourne writer and crafter of blog, Meet Me at Mike’s, Pip Lincolne was onto something  a few years back when she first posted her Taking Stock list.  Since then, various bloggers of good repute have joined the club with their own and having read Briar Stanley’s offering on Sunday Collector this week – thought I would follow suit.  It was quite a difficult exercise – grounding, thought provoking and once you open up the brain channels, the ideas seem flow…a little bit lateral, a little bit fun and a good way of appreciating what it is that makes your life good!

Making:          A media list
Cooking:        Burgen toast with bacon, tomato, avocado and cheese
Drinking:       Tea, flat white, rose, sparkling water and shiraz in that order
Reading:        Sarah Waters’ Night Watch
Wanting:        Dark chocolate
Playing:          Michael Franti, Kanye West, Big Sean, Chet Faker
Deciding:        New earrings from Mimco or Origin bill
Enjoying:        The cooler weather
Waiting:          For my eldest daughter to arrive home from UNI – few weeks yet
Liking:            That school holidays are almost here
Loving:           The drawing my daughter India put in my notebook plus my new  arrow tattoo (husband has matching one)
Pondering:     My next Uni assignment

Considering:  An alternative health fund
Watching:       The Fall Season 2 on Netflix – Gillian Anderson is fantastic!

Marvelling:     How clever Tilly was to win her running race, how quickly the time flies by, how quickly kids grow

Cringing:        Posting anything personal on social media and writing this list
Needing:        A good night sleep and more water, to go shopping, wash my hair, have a shower
Smelling:        Issey Miyake, fresh coffee, bacon and my new Peppermint body wash and not so nice, damp floor rugs

Wearing:        Jeans and long sleeve t, Nike trainers and silver jewellery
Noticing:         How dark it is at seven am and 6pm
Knowing:        Food does not make itself, wi-fi is king
Thinking:         About how lucky we are in the tropics and my next Bali holiday
Feeling:            Cosy and in need of organising dinner
Admiring:        The Matildas and anyone who has ever written a book
Buying:             A pair of Birkenstocks for my husband and winter staples
Bookmarking: Research for Uni assignment on communications technology

Following:       The Kardashians, Taylor Swift, Shane Warne….I don’t know why?
Disliking:         Getting up in the morning, the price of electricity and fuel
Giggling:           Jeremy Clarkson, Lawrence Mooney and Ricky Gervais
Snacking:         Chicken chips
Coveting:          Iphone 6 – the big one
Wishing:           I went for more walks with the dog and enjoyed more time in the sun, we had family around to help out

Helping:         A group of girls (Booyah Community Initiative) choose an outfit for their graduation

Hearing:          Myself think…Grade 1’s choric speaking Eisteddfod poem, “Wriggling”


About Pip Miller, Pip Miller PR

Pip Miller is a publicist, content producer and stylist in her home town of Cairns.  She also happens to be a mum of five children ranging in age from six to 19.  Her business, Pip Miller PR was established in 1994 and will celebrate its 21st anniversary in June.  With experience comes understanding and Pip is adept in the art of bringing a story to life, along with the importance of good quality photographs and imagery.

This knowledge has also helped nurture a styling career that began almost 30 years ago when she cut her teeth in the world of media  as a cadet journalist with Australian Consolidated Press.