You take a deep breath before you walk into your mum’s bedroom.

You see you beautiful yet frail body laying there, just a shadow of her former vibrant self.

As smile spreads across her face when she sees you.

As you approach her bed she reaches out her bony hand for you to hold.

You bend down to give her a kiss.

“My darling girl”, she says. “I have something I want to give you. Something very precious that has been in our family for a very long time. It has been handed down through 5 generations of women and now it is your turn to have it”.

You know exactly what it is. The Vase that belonged to your Great, Great, Great……. (you get the picture. It’s been in your family for donkeys’ years) Grandmother.

This beautiful vase that you first admired at your Granny’s house. She used to tell you lots of stories about how far this blue vase with white flowers had come. Surviving wars and death, crossing hemispheres. If this Vase could talk, oh the stories it would tell of the many different families who treasured it.

The Vase had been broken and patched back together. There is one tiny piece missing and you can still see a crack running from top to bottom.

Your mum hands you the Vase and you accept it graciously. Cracks and all.

Cracked antique vase

The Vase is like your beliefs.

Much of what you believe today to be true, right and wrong, good and bad has been handed down to you from generations ago. And you have taken them on graciously. Without a thought as to why you were taught those beliefs or why you even still have them today.

Understandably too. As children the people closest to us are our world so of course we would accept without question the things they teach us. Their beliefs must be true because they have the authority, right?

The thing is it’s like the blind leading the blind. The unconscious, leading the unconscious.

Have you ever noticed that the Vase has a crack in it and asked how it got there?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why you believe what you believe?

Which of your beliefs are serving you to have the life you want, be the person you want and feel at peace with yourself?

And which ones are keeping you stuck?

You have the opportunity now to examine your beliefs and change the conditioning that gets handed down. Which in turn will change the conditioning of generations to come.

Ultimately, you have the opportunity and power to change the course of the world.

It’s actually quite simple too. I know you’re thinking “what can little old me do to change the world?” It first starts with you. And believe me you can do a lot!

Message me for a chat about how you can shine your light, feel at peace with yourself and have a smile permanently plastered on your face (for real!)

About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :

5601f463-e030-448a-b79d-17f461f7b3fdSimone Outteridge’s purpose in business is to change the way women think, so that they can change the life they lead. She believes everyone is a leader, title or no title and that leadership is not about creating followers, it’s about creating leaders. Women are more powerful that they realize, yet we are taught to shut our brilliance off from a young age. Through The Liberated Leader program, Simone assists women to tap into their brilliance and truly lead their lives and be the inspiring example for others to do the same. Simone has over 17 years in sales and account management for major multinational companies as well as over 6 years experience running her own business. Bringing over 20 years of personal development study as well as certifications as long as your arm Simone works with women 1-1, in groups, in workshops and also loves to speak!