This guest post is writted by Victoria Coster, Credit FIX Solutions


In today’s fast paced world, being authentic in your marketing activities can be difficult at the best of times.


With social media and SEO becoming more and more competitive, and the addition of AI into the mix, it is vital that you concentrate on being genuine with your online marketing including your website material and your social media posting so that you do not disconnect from your customers entirely.


In addition, so much of our businesses have become ‘online’ and ‘automated’ that we lose the face-to-face connections with our customers and/or referral partners.



At Credit Fix Solutions, we achieve authenticity in our marketing by focusing on the mindset of the customer by creating Avatars of who exactly our customers are and then applying what they would want to see on our website and social media posting.


On top of that, we make sure that we spend time networking and running workshops for customers and referrers so we really add value to our relationship with them and there is a clear sense of honesty and authenticity to the business.


The following is an exercise that you should implement into your own marketing:

Create Avatars of your customers and/or referrers


Our team sat down one day and created avatars of customers and referrers, which included their age, gender, employment and even what they like to do in their free time.

This then allowed us to develop marketing material that really connected to our customers and referrers.

One example of how this activity helped our authentic connection was on our home page of our website

We reviewed our images on our website home page.  Our existing slide banner image was of two deck chairs on a beach.

Why?  Because our internal message regarding our no result no fee default removal and debt negotiation services was that if you come to us, your life will be like living on a beach.

This marketing was ineffective and not authentic as it connected to us, but not to the customer!


By putting ourselves into the mindset of one of our main Avatars, ‘Jenny’, whose husband had a default from a previous marriage, we could select a more appropriate image for the website homepage.

We chose an image of a couple looking distressed at a table, surrounded by bills.

This tiny change to one image on our website home page made all the difference to the amount of leads generated by website traffic.

Why?  Because the message was authentic, it was genuine, and our customers could really connect to it.


So many business owners get stuck in their own ‘internal messaging’, so then their marketing material doesn’t properly connect with their customer.

Make sure that you step outside your own headspace and spend time with your team in developing Avatars.


The other area as mentioned earlier, is to create face-to-face networking connection time with your customers and/or referrers.

For those with shopfronts, that’s easy as you already get that time. However, there are still ways you can implement authentic marketing into your marketing mix.



For example, we run 1 to 2-hour workshops in all areas across Australia, offering consumers and finance professionals the chance to come and learn about default removals, credit scores and debt negotiation. We also throw in bonus speakers such as a marketing guru or a property expert.  We put on a lunch and make sure that the environment really carries that ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling.


This creates such authentic relationships that I cannot stress the importance of adding these types of activities into your business where you can.


We had over 50 people attend this recent workshop based in Sydney.

When we started doing these, we had around 10 people attending.  Now we have over 50 attending across the country at each workshop which is amazing for business growth and connecting to our clients and referrers.


Credit Fix Solutions is known as an authentic and customer-focused service and we are proud of having achieved this through a lot of hard work!


To wrap up our article, here are 5 tips for others wanting to give our authentic marketing activities a go:


  1. Create your avatars. Do this with your team and really go into details so you truly understand your customers.
  2. Revisit your images used on your website and social media. Are you really connecting with your customers the best you can?
  3. Look at incorporating workshops into your business to connect with your network
  4. Get out of your internal messaging and think like your clients!
  5. Use a system like to automate your social media posts so you don’t have to worry about posting every day.


The team at Credit Fix Solutions wishes you all the best for your future businesses and good luck with keeping it real!

About our 2017 AusMumpreneur Ambassador :

Victoria Coster – Credit FIX Solutions

Victoria Coster is the CEO and founder of Credit Fix Solutions, a national credit report and credit repair specialist service provider, offering no win no fee credit repair services to individuals, companies and finance professionals on a national basis in relation to any of their own or their customer’s credit report questions and credit repair needs. Learn more here…