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Every morning I write ‘I am a role model for women to forge their own path.’ As a mother and entrepreneur, to live and breathe being on my own path is powerful. I have been told of the power of attraction and the many ways it can occur. Then, I met Connie Albers.


Meeting Connie at Social Media Marketing World 2018


Connie and I crossed paths initially as she was appointed the Social Media Marketing World Volunteer Manager for 2018. I attend this event each year as a volunteer.


My networking goals for the 2018 Social Media Marketing World were to connect with people in the Education Niche the Personal Finance Niche, two areas I am very passionate about.


I quickly discovered Connie is not only passionate about both of these things, she lives, breathes, teaches and speaks on both of these topics.


Connie speaking at FinCon 2017


Connie is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, mentor, published author and a mother of 5. All her children have now completed college. Connie does her best to live her best life with family being her number one priority. What has impressed me the most about this is that Connie and her husband were able to achieve paying for their college fees without pre-paid college programs, getting student loans or incurring debt. Connie now speaks at conferences like FinCon sharing how she did it.


Connie demonstrates the power of what can happen when you put your family first and this can actually be the motivation to be better in business and achieve your financial targets.


Connie Albers 5 Step Method to thrive in business is:


1. Develop a strong planning ability

You don’t know what you’re aiming for without a plan. Plans don’t need to be set in stone, adaptability is essential. However it is important to know what you are wanting to achieve so you can realise it. Set regular time each week to remind yourself of what your overall plan is and make sure you are taking regular steps to achieve it.


2. Communications are key, beyond the marketing savvy

It’s not about communicating for marketing. Rather it is getting better at communicating for value, this is stronger than following marketing rules or trends.


3. Relatability is essential

Can you relate to your intended audience. Focus on making sure you do. Without relatability you won’t have connection. Connection is key to build your business.


4. Have both hard and soft skills

Learning in a classroom, understanding your numbers and having a budget is important. However, equally important is to develop soft skills. Also known as emotional intelligence. When you can tune into how people feel, when you can empathise with them, you then have the opportunity to relate to their situation and solve their problems and/or bring value to their life.


5. Be aware of your strengths

Your strengths or also as Connie likes to refer to them as ‘your gifts,’ are what you are blessed with. When you know what you are naturally gifted with, you can use them to help more people in the world. Start with helping yourself, your own family, community and then beyond.


Connie’s biggest tip for Mothers

“If we embrace the season we are in, we have the opportunity to live more fully. You can accomplish many things, just not all at once. It’s done over the course of life.”


Connie mentioned one of her biggest challenges was 3 years ago, just as everything was coming together for her professionally, her mother became very ill, she made the decision to step away from her work and focus on her mother and family commitments. Connie emphasises we live our lives in seasons.


Connie has an uncanny knack to bring out the best in others. The opportunity to learn from her is priceless.



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