A business associate asked me how I was last week, to which I answered with an exhausted “I’m sooo busy”. He was quick to assume, “All those Christmas parties hey?”. “What, no, I’m flat out with work”. “Oh” he said, “I thought the market was dead.”

It takes a tough market or two to work out if you’re an order taker or an opportunity maker and I say this with good intentions because there’s a distinction between the two. 

When times are good and consumers are spending money on the type of product or service you’re offering, it’s wonderful to be taking orders, making sales or however your business earns you an income. In fact, some industries can run ‘hot’ and attract people wanting a ‘career change’ only to later see mass exodus when the market cools and things get hard. 

In fact, a strong market can make any salesperson or leader look skilled and successful, but a tough market will separate the ones who can find opportunities, to those who just expect it to fall into their laps.

So, what makes a business survive and even thrive in a tough market, when others might fail?

There are many contributing factors to making a business resilient, but from my experience, having a team and even more importantly, a leader who can create opportunities is at the heart of business success.

As entrepreneurs we are already creators but creating the business at the start isn’t the only time we are required to do so. It’s an ongoing dance to make all the elements of your service match the desires of your customers and as they change or the environment you operate in changes, then ensure there are many reasons for people to come back and buy from you. 

Don’t get trapped building a one-dimensional business! 

Stay connected with your creative self, take note, and listen carefully to what your audience values so you can create opportunities that evolves with them. 

If you have found your winning formula, great! Then add elements that enhance it. If you’re still waiting for things to take off, keep going and ensure all eyes, ears and minds are open for the things will come your way. When you recognise a connection and an idea comes to mind, have the courage to create that opportunity and back yourself. For every time you tried, someone else would have chickened out.  

One of the most exciting elements about being an entrepreneur, for me, is the freedom and joy of creating something from nothing. I think it’s fun to take an idea and make it a reality, and it’s liberating to speak my truth and to do it in a way that engages our audience and enhances our value proposition. 

Create opportunities, even the small ones, in good times or in bad, as it will take you to places that you have yet to discover. 


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