Entering awards are an incredible way to raise your profile and really boost your business. According to a research study by Hendricks & Singhal, companies that win awards experience an average of 37 percent growth in sales! And that’s just one of the benefits you can find from being a part of an awards program like the AusMumpreneur Awards

We asked our community about why they enter awards and if they found it worthwhile and here’s what they told us:

“Entering and attending the Ausmum Awards brought an increase in collaboration, networking, friendships, recognition and professionalism to my start up business which has been invaluable to my brand awareness and overall success.”
Nicole Gibson Söka Australia

“Awards are pivotal for business, much like positive referrals and feedback they can also be the lifeblood of success!”
Michelle Pascoe, Optimum operating procedures and systems

“Entering awards helps to boost your personal brand and provide a visual credibility to your hard work behind the scenes.”
Emma Heuston-Lavack, The Remote Expert

“I think the most significant benefit of entering awards is the focus it makes you put on your business practices.”
Brenda Thompson, Synergy48 Group

“I felt doubly validated from being part of the awards program. Not only did it increase my credibility with the brands I work with and pitch to but it also gave me more confidence in rating my own ability. I struggle with imposter syndrome and as much as I shouldn’t need self-validation, I sometimes do. Also, when we work for ourselves, many of us as sole traders, it can be rare to receive feedback on how we’re doing. External recognition is very motivating and the awards really gave that to me and drove me to keep going.” Mim Jenkinson, Love from Mim

“Entering awards gives you credibility… you make amazing friends and networking is a plus. Your name is put up in lights… your clients are proud of you… and it is a pat on the back that when working for yourself you never really get. Being part of ausmums was one of the best things i ever did for myself and my business.”
Kelly McDonald, Garden Babies Fairy Art

“Being a finalist last year for Regional Business award was an amazing experience! My customers, friends, family and local media were so supportive, it was mind blowing! I loved networking with amazing Mumpreneurs and the best part at the end was that I found a fabulous mentor!”
Johanna Constable, Pilanky

“Benefits for me have been upping my profile by winning an award in 2017, collaborating with the wonderful Karen McD, meeting my mentor And carving beautiful friendships.. life long ones!” Katharine Rattray Kat & Fox

“I think entering awards gives you the opportunity to reflect. Whilst it can be a bit confronting to try and sell yourself, at the end of the process it’s nice to be able to see exactly what you’ve achieved, and to be proud of it!” Melissa Daniels Meld Business Services

I won a large national award last year which has opened doors for international meetings and collaborations. I’m visiting USA/Canada later in the year meeting with relevant organisations who have agreed to meet with me… it’s less risky for them to agree when I have this big award behind me. Other awards in past years have meant an increase in profile which has been beneficial in being seen as an expert and invited to do ‘expert related’ activities such as adjudicating national awards, presenting etc. Most important though I found is that by entering awards, it helps me establish and change the perception I have of myself. I’ve found that I have had a ‘lesser’ perception of myself than others have and applying helps me ‘step into’ that space and see myself and my product differently.” Katy Abbott www.katyabbott.com

“I am so proud to have been part of the AusMumpreneur community for the past 3 years. I’ve met some extraordinary business owners and made valuable connections and friendships. It was such a thrill to be nominated, become a finalist and winner 2 years running and OMG the excitement and pride in receiving Gold for ‘Business Excellence’ in 2018 was beyond fabulous. Honoured to be taking part again in 2019, this time on the other side as a judge. Can’t wait to learn about some of the amazing women in the running this year, such a privilege!” Emma McNeilly, Expressions Australia

So is 2019 your year to back yourself and put yourself forward for a whole host of new experiences and opportunities for yourself and your business? if the answer is YES make sure you nominate for this year’s AusMumpreneur Awards!

Nominations for the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards are now open, nominate your business or a business you love here