I am a proud Mumpreneur, I have 3 amazing children and a successful business that I run from home around my family

My mother was a business woman. She worked from 7 in the morning until 7 at night, she then came home and cooked our meals, washed our clothes, cleaned the house, made our lunches and put us to bed. She had amazing business success but no work life balance. When I became a mum I knew I wanted to create a better lifestyle for myself and my kids and for me, that’s what being a Mumpreneur is!

I have deliberately created a business that works around my family, I get to play with my baby, pick up my kids from school and work at times when it suits me! I get to have great satisfaction in my career and in my family life!


Every week we hear stories in the media of women, in particular mothers, being discriminated against in the workplace: being over looked for promotions, being told to freeze their eggs or wear condoms and being made redundant while on maternity leave. Why wouldn’t mums want to create a new life style where they are in control of when they work and how much they earn? Where they are not punished for being a mother and wanting to spend time in that role, as well as being successful in their career!

Some women have claimed that the term Mumpreneur is “derogatory, divisive label, which does nothing except shift a woman’s career out of the sphere of professional and into the sphere of mother”

But in my experience it’s the exact opposite with the term being used to unify a new movement of women that won’t accept that they can’t be amazing mothers and business women.

For me the term Mumpreneur is all about being in control; no one tells me when I can work, when I can be with my kids or how much I can earn!


It’s clear the 9 to 5 corporate business women model is letting mothers down and mumpreneurs are discovering there is a new way women can have it all!

And it’s exciting that the government is recognising this too!

Do you love being a Mumpreneur? What does being a Mumpreneur mean to you?

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