This year I had the absolute pleasure of attending the annual St.George Banking Group Ausmumpreneur Awards weekend for the first time. As a member of the St.George team I was privileged to be on the judging panel, listening to so many incredibly talented women talk so passionately about their businesses and share the stories of how they all began.


Over the two days I spoke to numerous female business owners from diverse backgrounds and industries, which gave me many valuable insights. However one thing that absolutely stood out was the consistent response I received when I asked every person, the reason for their particular choice of business. Guess what they all said? “Because I love what I do and because it gives me flexibility to look after my family.” A recipe for success, quite clearly!

I have spent over 15 years in banking, and am continually amazed and impressed with the ability of Australians to have an idea and run with it, and seeing that drive is what fuels our work at St.George, to help you start something.

I walked away from the Ausmumpreneur weekend with a greater appreciation for the way women run businesses – with passion and with heart. But more importantly, I noticed the courage and resilience women demonstrate as mums and as entrepreneurs in an environment (beautifully described by Susan Pearse) that is complex, unpredictable, disruptive and fast changing. And I don’t just mean the raising children part, but also growing a business!


In my new role as Head of Women’s Business Banking, I will be looking for opportunities to help Women in Business to grow and prosper both personally and professionally. The Ausmumpreneur weekend was just one way for me to get to know so many women in business, and I encourage you to reach out to St.George next time you have a financial question.

Our vision is to be the Banking destination for all women in Business, where you will be able to build trusting relationships and feel supported in your business endeavours, whatever they maybe.

I’m really thrilled that St.George Bank has been a partner of Aumums for the past three years. I look forward to seeing many more success stories through the Ausmumpreneur Network, and to being able to support each and every one of you with the tools you need to continue to grow and prosper.

Congratulations and my best wishes to all the wonderful winners of 2016 St.George Banking Group AusMumpreneur Award!

About our Ausmumpreneur Partner :


Nancy Yedgar is the Head of Women’s Business Banking, St.George Bank and she strives to help other women in business to grow and prosper both personally and professionally.