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Sarika Kapoor is a passionate mother, businesswoman and lover of life, dedicated to supporting and nurturing the people around her, while guiding her two girls towards becoming kind, strong, resilient women. She is founder and director of 4 independent successful businesses, focused on developing our future leaders, with a new business, Test Preparation Academy, launching soon. In the last few years, her journey has led to a strong desire for personal development, completing courses in NLP and Landmark, as well as engaging with a mentor in India, incorporating breathwork and healing through music into her life. This has led Sarika to redefine her ‘why’, supporting others (particularly women with limiting beliefs) to excel, as an extension of what she does in her businesses, which have developed to encourage the children in her community to become the best they can be and succeed in whatever they choose for their lives .

When did you start your business?


What was the inspiration behind starting this business?

In my position as assistant principle within the public education system, I recognised a big gap between what kids were learning in school and what they were being tested on. I felt that school was not properly preparing them for Naplan and selective school testing. I could see the difference in outcomes and positive behaviour when a child felt supported and confident in their work. I recognised that kids could be more intellectually stimulated while also being better supported to fully prepare for testing, the outcomes of which would have a huge impact on their future. I also have a passion to encourage children to fulfil their potential (treating every one of my students as if they are my own) and felt that the schooling system wasn’t giving our future leaders the best opportunity for success.

What are you most excited about in your business?

What excites me the most is the positive impact we’re making on education. Our tuition centers are helping students achieve their academic goals, improve their confidence, and unlock their full potential. Knowing that we’re contributing to their success is truly fulfilling. Hearing success stories from our students and their parents is incredibly motivating. When we see a struggling student transform into a high achiever or witness a student gain admission to their dream college, it reinforces our mission and gives us a sense of accomplishment.

What has been the most challenging thing about starting your business?

The education sector can be highly competitive, with established institutions and other tutoring services vying for the same pool of students. Standing out and convincing parents and students to choose our services over others can be a continuous challenge.

What advice would you give to other women thinking about starting a business?

Let passion be your motivation. Choose something that’s near and dear to you; the impact your business leaves on the world must mean something to you. Think honestly about who you are, and the skills you have to achieve what you want to accomplish. Don’t necessarily wait to take the first step, but question whether you might need to learn some new aspects in business. You can’t run a marathon without ever training for it. Often, when starting out, you end up doing everything yourself, so you might need to develop new skills to achieve that. As soon as you can, find ways to delegate and build systems that any seven-year-old could follow, to allow you to scale and build your business. And always remember, a leader is someone who can establish a clear vision for the future and guide their team towards that vision, with empowerment and compassion.

Why did you enter the AusMumpreneur Awards?

I entered the AusMumpreneur Awards because I believe in the power of education and its ability to shape the future. As a passionate advocate for children’s education, my journey began with a deep desire to make a positive impact on young minds. I saw a gap in the market for innovative and engaging educational tools that truly connect with kids and nurture their curiosity.

Being a mother myself, I understand the challenges of balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood. Yet, this challenge became my driving force. I wanted to show my children that with dedication, hard work, and a clear vision, you can turn your dreams into reality. The AusMumpreneur Awards provide a platform to share my story, inspire other mums, and encourage them to pursue their own ambitions.

I firmly believe that education should be a blend of fun and learning, fostering creativity and critical thinking. My business not only delivers educational content but also aims to ignite a lifelong love for learning in children. It’s about equipping the future generation with the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Entering these awards isn’t just about recognition for me. It’s about celebrating the incredible journey of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and education. It’s about connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who are pushing boundaries and making a difference. Winning would be an affirmation that my dedication is paying off, but even being a finalist means I’m on the right track, and that’s a victory in itself.

I entered the AusMumpreneur Awards to showcase the potential of combining passion, purpose, and motherhood. I’m excited to share my story, learn from others, and continue growing as a business owner and a mother. Together, we’re creating a world where children are excited to learn and mothers are empowered to follow their dreams.

What did you enjoy the most about being part of the awards?

Winning the award is a powerful affirmation that our hard work, dedication, and commitment to children’s education have been recognized and celebrated. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that our efforts are making a positive impact. Awards add a layer of credibility and trustworthiness to our business. They reassure parents, students, and stakeholders that we are a reputable and reliable choice for children’s education. in addition to winning the award for “Children’s Education Business,” I had the honor of serving as a keynote speaker at the awards ceremony. During my keynote address, I had the opportunity to share our journey of growing the business and our strategies for scalability. The response from the audience, comprised of fellow entrepreneurs and industry professionals, was truly incredible.

What surprised you most about the awards?

What surprised me most about the awards was the multifaceted and lasting impact they had on our business, team, and industry relationships. They underscored the significance of our mission, and the ripple effect of the recognition continues to benefit our educational endeavors.
Personally, I was surprised by how the awards process challenged me to articulate our business’s vision and achievements. It pushed me to grow as a leader and a spokesperson for our mission.

It was inspiring to see how our success in the awards inspired others in the education sector. Colleagues and competitors reached out to learn from our experiences, creating a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the industry.

I was pleasantly surprised by the networking opportunities that came with the awards. It provided a chance to connect with other businesses and entrepreneurs in our industry, fostering relationships that have since proved valuable.

How did the awards help you in your business?

Awards have been instrumental in enhancing our business’s credibility, visibility, and competitive position. They have attracted talent, opened doors to collaboration, and inspired us to continue striving for excellence. The positive impact of awards extends not only to our business but also to the students and communities we serve.

The credibility and positive reputation associated with awards have led to an increase in student enrollment. Parents are more likely to choose our services when they see that we’ve been recognised for excellence.

The recognition from awards motivates us to continue innovating and improving our services. It pushes us to stay at the forefront of educational trends and offer the best possible experience for our students.

Awards enhanced the overall value of the business. It has a positive impact on expansion.

Winning awards has significantly increased our business’s visibility within our industry and beyond. The media coverage, press releases, and recognition have expanded our reach and attracted new customers.

What advice would you give to other mums thinking about entering the awards?

Entering awards can be a rewarding experience for any business owner. Entering awards can provide visibility, credibility, and validation for your business. It’s an opportunity to showcase your hard work and dedication. As a mumpreneur, you wear many hats – mum, entrepreneur, manager, problem-solver, and more. You’re a superhero in your own right! Awards provide a platform to celebrate your incredible achievements, both as a business owner and as a mom who’s conquering the world. Winning or even being a finalist in an award can be a marketing goldmine. It’s not just a badge of honor; it’s a powerful marketing tool. You can proudly display the award on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials, instantly boosting your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers.Awards ceremonies and events are great networking opportunities. You’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. Building a strong network can open doors to new partnerships and growth opportunities.
So, don’t hesitate. Take that step, enter Ausmumpreneur awards, and let your light shine. Your business deserves the recognition, your story deserves to be told, and you deserve to stand proudly as a mumpreneur who’s making a mark in the entrepreneurial world.

What has been the best thing about starting your own business?

Starting my own business has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and the best thing about it has been the fulfillment and personal growth it has brought .As a business owner, I have the freedom to make key decisions and shape the direction of the business. This level of independence and autonomy is both empowering and fulfilling. Running a business has pushed me to learn and grow in ways I never anticipated. From leadership skills to financial acumen and problem-solving abilities, the personal and professional development opportunities have been invaluable.The best thing about starting my own business has been the opportunity to pursue my passion, make a positive impact, experience personal growth, and enjoy the sense of autonomy and independence that comes with entrepreneurship. It’s a fulfilling journey that continues to present new challenges and rewards.

What’s happening next in your business?

The future of our business holds several exciting developments and expansions:

Expansion in Victoria: We’re committed to expanding our presence in Victoria, with plans to open 14 additional franchise locations for our Pre Uni College Digital by the end of 2025. This expansion will allow us to reach more students and provide them with quality education.

Online Test Preparation: We’re gearing up to launch an online business ” Test Preparation Academy” focused on test preparation. This digital platform will cater to students looking to excel in NAPLAN and Selective and OC entrance exams. It will offer flexible learning options and comprehensive resources to support their test-taking success.

Expansion into Adelaide: Adelaide will soon see the opening of our first franchise location, bringing our educational services to a new region. This expansion marks a significant step in broadening our reach and impact in South Australia.

The Writing Club Expansion in Sydney: Our Writing Club, designed to enhance students’ writing skills, will see further expansion in Sydney. This initiative aims to foster strong communication and creative writing abilities in students.

Publishing Educational Materials: We’re committed to publishing more educational materials, including books, to support students in various subjects. These resources will focus on thinking skills, mathematics, and English, providing valuable tools for both students and educators.

These exciting developments reflect our dedication to educational excellence, innovation, and our commitment to serving a wider student community. We look forward to these expansions and the positive impact they will have on students’ learning journeys.

What are your big plans for the future?

Our big plans for the future involve continued growth, innovation, and a strong commitment to our mission of providing quality education. Here are some of our key aspirations:

National and International Expansion: We aim to expand our presence nationally and internationally. Beyond Victoria, Adelaide, and Sydney, we have ambitions to open franchise locations in other major cities and potentially explore opportunities in global education markets.

Advanced Online Learning Platforms: Our online test preparation business is just the beginning. We plan to develop and enhance advanced online learning platforms that offer a wide range of educational resources and support for students of all ages and academic levels.

Educational Technology Integration: We’re committed to integrating cutting-edge educational technology into our programs. This includes personalised learning tools, AI-driven assessments, and immersive educational experiences to enhance student engagement and outcomes.

Research and Development: We will continue investing in research and development to create innovative curriculum materials, books, and resources that align with the evolving needs of students and the education sector.

Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting diversity and inclusion in education is a core value. We plan to expand initiatives that ensure access to quality education for all students, regardless of background or circumstances.

Our big plans for the future are driven by our passion for education and the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to excel academically and personally. We are dedicated to making a lasting and positive impact in the field of education, and these aspirations represent our commitment to that mission.

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