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to the AusMumpreneur Network!

Australia’s #1 Community for Mumpreneurs. Mums that are creating freedom, flexibility, family time, success and the money for themselves and their families.

Here you will find a community that supports, elevates and inspires thousands of women to create their own businesses that work around their family life.

At the AusMumpreneur Network we host dedicated events, programs and awards for Mums in business designed to support, empower and celebrate the amazing mumpreneurs of Australia.

You will also find information about our latest events, books, awards and Conferences.

As well as lots of information about how to start your own Mumpreneur Business!

Australia's #1 Community for Mums in Business

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2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Donna Berry

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Donna Berry

Donna Berry has over 20 years of experience changing the lives of thousands of children and families. She believes that safe relationships are the key to a life of happiness and healing. Her personal site is a platform for sharing her expertise and helping others...

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Kirsty Fields

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Kirsty Fields

As the Owner/Creative Director at Social Ocean, Kirsty helps to find creative marketing opportunities through events and digital. With a passion for creating experiences, branding and content, Kirsty has a DIY Marketing philosophy. With over 20 years in corporate...

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Bronwyn Mendoza

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Bronwyn Mendoza

Bronwyn Mendoza's commitment to hydration and well-being gave rise to Su Jus Bar in Hervey Bay. Known for its raw smoothies and raw juices, the café's sustainable practices and local ingredients add to its allure. Bronwyn's vision includes franchising, with quality,...

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Karyn Parkinson

2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards Winner – Karyn Parkinson

Karyn (“with a Y!”) Parkinson is an eCommerce marketing specialist with a knack for high-converting Facebook ad funnels and website optimisation. Through her eCommerce marketing agency and on-the-pulse training programs, Karyn’s helped hundreds of eCommerce store...

My Start – Up Journey – Tara Mellor

My Start – Up Journey – Tara Mellor

Buckle up for my startup journey! Similar to how I got there in the first place, I was balls deep in the newborn stage, my third baby, three under 7yrs old. My sister & I both had a baby at the same time & both struggled to find modern clothing for the 'always...

The Goal is Your Journey – Jewell Harrison

The Goal is Your Journey – Jewell Harrison

I found myself alone standing in a room surrounded with so many successful people. They had achieved so much in their own personal lives and in their business. Initially, I felt overwhelmed, inadequate and extremely out of place. What was I doing here? What business...

2023 AusMumpreneur Awards Winner – Lisa Walker

2023 AusMumpreneur Awards Winner – Lisa Walker

International Award Winner and speaker Lisa Walker is a disruptor, a game changer, a bit extra, and she likes to think outside the box, recognising opportunities and grabbing them. A CPA qualified Accountant, she’s had a varied career in many sectors including...

What is at the Heart of Business Success? – Emma Allen

What is at the Heart of Business Success? – Emma Allen

A business associate asked me how I was last week, to which I answered with an exhausted “I’m sooo busy”. He was quick to assume, “All those Christmas parties hey?”. “What, no, I’m flat out with work”. “Oh” he said, “I thought the market was dead.” It takes a tough...

Mental Health Awareness for Mums in Business – Danni Vee

Mental Health Awareness for Mums in Business – Danni Vee

Depression and anxiety is something that can hit you at anytime.  Many women can experience these conditions during pregnancy and years after as the juggle of #mumpreneur life sets in! For so long the struggle with mental health has been such a taboo subject amongst...

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Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest Mums in Business, acknowledging success in business, product development, innovation and customer service.

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The aim of the Women’s Business School is to create a global movement of 100 female entrepreneurs that support, nurture and empower, 10,000 emerging women in business to become future business leaders through education, mentoring and sharing their wisdom and experience by 2025.

At the Women’s Business School you will receive training from world leading female experts and entrepreneurs as well as mentoring, advice and access to successful female business owners in the industry you are entering! Entrepreneurs that have made it BIG in business while keeping the balance right for their families.

Each month we hold group coaching calls with successful business women, this is your chance to talk with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you to grow your business. Having direct access to women like this is one of the most valuable opportunities that being a part of this program offers.


Hi we’re Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner and if you haven’t already guessed we’re passionate about supporting women. We believe that to change the world we simply need to begin by helping women. When women are well and happy they can care for their families, when families are well and happy that flows on to their communities and when communities are well and happy that flows on to help whole nations!

Investing in women has the potential to improve the outcomes for education, mental health, physical health and social wellbeing for now and for the future.

This idea was what inspired us to create AusMumpreneur, Australia’s number 1 online community for mums in business, which supports, elevates, celebrates, represents and inspires the thousands of women who have created their own businesses that work around their family life.

We love what we do and we’ve been featured in national and international media including, 7news, The Today Show, Sunrise, Today Tonight, Cosmopolitan, The Herald Sun, The Australian and hundreds of other publications.

Together we’ve written numerous books including ‘How to create your own successful and profitable business from home’ which is sold in bookstores nationally. We’re also authors and publishers of books written by thought leaders, female founders and women changing the world at Women Changing the World Press

We’ve traveled all over Australia working with women in business and helping them to develop their business at our conferences and live events.

We’re passionate about being a voice for women and have been active in advocating for more recognition of the work of Australia’s mums in business with State and Federal politicians, to encourage more funding and support for women in business. We’ve been pivotal in changing local government legislation, calling for a national conversation and thanks to our lobbying the Queensland Government recently announced $1 Million in support for home-based business owners.

But most importantly we are mothers. We have 7 children between us and are living proof that you can make business and family work. We understand the challenges women face as mothers starting new businesses and are passionate about ensuring women feel supported to find success through our online community, business school and events.