Have you ever noticed that some online businesses just seem to work?  They thrive, they have a tribe of loyal followers and customers, and importantly they’re profitable.  Others, sadly, just don’t seem to go far, or don’t provide a sustainable income for the owner.   They become an expensive hobby at best.

There’s one thing that all of the successful businesses have in common … all of the owners have invested in themselves and their business growth.  No one is born with the innate ability to just launch a successful business.  It takes work … and lots of learning along the way.

One great example of a globally successful online business is The Baby Diaries.  This App, owned by Mumpreneur Tara O’Connell, has now been downloaded on every continent across the globe in 15 different languages.  Last year it was showcased on Channel 9’s Today Program, and hundreds of other print and online media houses.  Tara is quick to point out that it wasn’t an overnight success.  She says that she sat through around 55+ webinars, read everything she could get her hands on, and spent around $10,000 on training in the first 18 months.  The outcome speaks for itself.

So (knowing Tara), it’s no surprise that she has now developed a fantastic business focussed purely on helping other mumpreneurs to create their own business success stories.

There’s no need to follow the same lengthy, expensive path that got Tara to her point of success because … drumroll … today Tara announced that her brand new eCourse, 6 Steps to Shine Online, has officially opened its doors, but only for a short time!  Doors will close again on Friday 24 July.

We recommend checking the eCourse out here and if you do sign up I’ll see you over in the Facebook Mastermind Group where Tara has included a couple of hand-picked industry experts to offer additional support and advice.

Perhaps this is your year to Shine?  If so, head over and have a look … you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the link again