Today we’re going to look at what really sets you apart … because standing out from the crowd is an essential ingredient to your success.

So what’s the one thing that makes your business different to every other business on the planet?  YOU!  You are the very thing that creates the authenticity of your business and your brand.

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You are your business’s point of difference.  So if you really want to stand out you need to start by being your authentic self … the best version of you that you can be, and ensuring that YOU are a part of the very DNA of your business.

The key is to use that point of difference in a way that resonates with your ideal customers.  Authenticity builds connection and trust.  Once you have that connection and trust customers are far more likely to buy the solution that you’re selling.

I’ve experienced this first hand with my business, The Baby Diaries.  Until I started to share my story, (as raw and emotional as it was at the time), I wasn’t getting any great traction.  Then one day I was interviewed by a journalist who asked some nitty gritty questions about my personal life … my story … and I felt a bit uncomfortable!  That discomfort was NOTHING compared to how I felt the next day when I read my story in the Herald … I was devastated.  So you can only imagine how I felt when it went viral and ended up on Essential Baby and iVillage!

But then something started happening … my downloads sky-rocketed by 400% in one day; I had a call from one of the Mamamia journalists who wanted to write about my app and my story; I started attracting my ideal customers by the thousands; and my app ended up being showcased on Nine’s Today Show.

So …. if we were to get really personal, what’s your story? 

Everyone has a story.  Perhaps a catalyst or series of events that lead you to create the product or service, or start your own business.

When penning your story you can also consider including what motivates you.  For me it’s this overwhelming desire to empower and support other women with small businesses.  With The Baby Diaries App it was to empower and support new mums to have the tools at their fingertips that would make those days with baby just a little bit easier.

Also consider including what inspires you …

What sets you and your business apart from the crowd?  Using The Baby Diaries App as an example, it was the only Baby Tracker & milestones App on the market at that time that had been developed by a mum.  It was award winning; it was showcased on The Today Show, and on and on we can go… there are lots of things, your assets, already setting you apart from the global crowd.

How does your business fit in with your lifestyle and family? 

Some of these answers could become blog posts!

Once you have your story you need to share it, and ensure it is findable and shareable.

Everything we’ve talked about here will build your profile, deepen customer relationships, drive leads and sales, and create longevity in terms of the results.

One thing I recommend you do regularly is to google yourself and your business … it may sound a bit odd but you need to stay abreast of who’s talking about you and your business, and what’s being said.  You can set up auto alerts using

Have a wonderful month ladies, and start telling your story to the world.

Tara x


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