This week’s Ambassador Feature is with Jade Kuhn, ThermoBrush

2017 Bronze winner of AusMumpreneur Productpreneur Product Innovation award



Tell us about yourself and your business?

Hi, I’m Jade, the founder and owner of ThermoBrush. My husband and I have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. My husband works fly in fly out, so I am always super busy!! I recently gave up full time work, to work from home on our family business.

ThermoBrush is an innovative brush, that gives the gap in your Thermomix® blade, a superior clean. Moulded perfectly to the shape of your blade system, and simple to use, it is the latest ‘must have’ for all Thermomix® owners.

ThermoBrush was invented to make my life easier when cleaning the Thermomix® blades, and it just so happens that it is also helping thousands of other Thermie lovers.


What was your inspiration for your business?

I purchased a Thermomix® in 2014 and soon realised how difficult it was to clean the gap in the blade system. Mincing meat or making pizza dough, and then wanting to use the Thermomix® to make dessert, the gap was the one place I always found difficult to clean.

One day when my hubby was cleaning up after dinner, (yes rare but true!!) he also noticed how difficult and awkward it was to clean, and yelled out to me to invent a brush to clean the blade better!  Days later, out came the kids craft box, and my first prototype was made!! ThermoBrush was born!


Did you have any experience in running a business or in this industry before?

I had no experience in either. What I did have, was passion and drive. And I believe these 2 qualities, along with others, are very important in business. In 2017 I completed the AusMumpreneurs Women’s Business School. During this 6 month course, I learnt from experts how to structure my business, had endless support through the community and learnt how to scale my business.


What’s your point of difference that makes your business special or unique?

Our brush is moulded to the shape of the blade system of the Thermomix®. There is no other brush on the market like it.


What have you learnt about yourself since becoming an entrepreneur?

I have learnt just how determined I am!! If I want something, I don’t usually stop until I get it. I have notice that when someone tells me that I can’t do it, or that it won’t work, I work harder to reach my goals. I never give up, even if I fail. I learn from my mistakes and ask myself ‘What went wrong’, and work out how to change it the next time round! I like to prove to people that I can make it happen! I am resilient. (but my husband calls it stubborn haha!!)


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?

My first real business challenge started when my product was only just an idea!! I took my homemade prototype to a tool maker, and he seemed very hesitant. He told me the cost for the tooling would be very expensive and maybe not worth it just ‘on a limb’.

I went away from there feeling crushed, but still very determined, as I believed in my product, and more importantly, I believed in myself. I love that he actually tried to protect me, in a way, and this would have put many people off pursuing their dream. But not me!

It made me more determined to launch and market a fantastic, unique product.

Another challenge I face is living rural. We live in rural South Australia, and it makes it difficult and expensive to get things done! There is no choice here for courier services or mail options. Going to events and conferences is difficult. Meeting with manufactures and lawyers becomes difficult, so most of this is done via email and phone.  Thank goodness for the internet!!!!  Mostly, sometimes you feel lonely and far away from everything. Lucky for my local support.


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What lessons have your business taught you about life?

If your passionate about something, and you believe in yourself – Got for it!!! Unfortunately, there will always be hurdles and people who tell you that you can’t do it, but use that passion and drive to achieve the impossible! I have learnt that I am resilient. I love my product so much, that it doesn’t feel like work to me. It’s my passion, and I am following my dreams!


If you could go back to when you were starting your business and give your younger self some advice what would you tell her?

It would be to stop and enjoy my little successes more! If you have a goal, enjoy the journey along the way. I sometimes work so hard at getting things done, and completing the goal, that I don’t celebrate the little achievements I make, to achieve that goal. Celebrating little achievements help you realises just how far you have come.


What’s next for your business?

We have launched our brushes into Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Sales are increasing by 26% daily!! Thermomix® Australia and Thermomix® Denmark currently stock and supply our brush to their customers. We look forward to welcoming new international distributors to the ThermoBrush family.


If you could change the world, and money was no object, what would you do?

Change always needs to start at home! I would stop imports of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish that we have available in Australia! We should always buy local produce first. This would help the Australian food industry thrive and we would know the quality of the produce.

If money was no object – I would ensure every person had a house to live in. With electricity and running water! It would take a lot of work, and think of the jobs it would provide!

Education would be free for every child or adult, and structured around their living environment. For example: in the poorer towns/villages, lessons would be structured for these children to learn how to provide for their families. The village/towns would have cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. These animals would provide milk, eggs and meat for the locals. They would have a breeding program, where the children learnt how to breed the animals, so that they always had an endless supply of animals.


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