Bayside Admin & Bookkeeping started as a small business in 2014 with a focus on bookkeeping and admin services. The 10-year journey since has led to me becoming a qualified bookkeeper, BAS agent, and undertaking extensive training and gaining experience in working within NDIS admin and bookkeeping. Finding work satisfaction and creating a balance between entrepreneurship, family, and giving back, have become key values in shaping the business.

Competition? Or Collaborative Colleagues

As I’m sure you’ve heard from me previously, I’m a huge advocate for collaboration – my story reflects how networking and partnering with other businesses, through organisations such as AusMumpreneur and ventures like Sage Room Co-op, have opened doors for Bayside Admins growth and innovation. 

I’ve learned to confidently know when to take on new clients, and when to potentially pass to another bookkeeper or accounting firm. Sometimes, for example, if I know that a potential client’s industry isn’t one I’ve worked in often, or it’s a larger client than I currently have capacity for, I will go through my contact list and see if I have a trusted colleague who might be a better fit on this occasion.
Other times, one of those trusted colleagues might reach out in a similar way to me. Having those relationships is in no way about competition.
It is absolutely about collaboration.

It is absolutely about collaboration.

  • We might all be bookkeepers, but we are different individuals. 
  • We might have different amounts of people in our team. 
  • Our business might be going through a big change of software and not be in a position to take on a new client this month. 
  • For all number of reasons, our business might not be looking to have growth right now, but I might know of another colleague who is absolutely trying to grow their business. And I love to cheerlead for other small businesses when I can!

Whatever the reason, I am always confident that I can use the power of collaboration to find the best person for the job. And it’s perfectly ok that it isn’t always me and my team! Ultimately, the client gets the best service, and they will remember me for prioritising them first.

Focus on Quality Connections

I no longer have to do everything in my business myself. I work with others to achieve great results for my business. I always say, ‘focus on your best, outsource the rest’ and this is what I do. Finding the right people is crucial. I want to work with people who have similar values to me. For example, I struggle to write content (including this blog!) but with the right collaboration I can make it happen. I focus on doing what I like best – numbers, numbers and more numbers – and then I work with others to make the rest of my business as successful as it can be. With people helping me in various parts of my business, I am freed up to do the things

  • I’m qualified for, and have years of experience in, 

  • I enjoy doing, and

  • that help me to help others

In keeping with this collaborative way of working, I extend the same flexibility to my team members. We have open discussions about their needs and circumstances, ensuring that we create an environment that supports their personal and professional growth. As a team, we support one another when it’s needed – whether it’s covering for holidays, illness, or just giving someone space to onboard a new client or two! This highlights the importance of teamwork, creativity, and leveraging collective strengths as a pathway to sustainable growth and fulfillment. 

Within our team at Bayside Admin, and within our co-operative at Sage Room, we consciously respect each other’s strengths and differences. Together, we learn, grow, and share our knowledge and experience to help each other to achieve our business and career goals and live our best lives!

I hope my stories of collaboration have helped you think outside of the box about business growth. If you’d like to know more about Bayside Admin, you can go to our website –, or get in touch with me at