Hi everyone, this is the first installment of a 4 part series of articles that I have lovingly compiled especially for you. They will be filled with advice, discoveries, musings and other thoughts that I hope may inspire or assist you in some way.


Building your brand, when do you start?

This subject is so important especially if you want to sell books. Most big name authors spend a lot of time building and promoting their brand to build a rapport with their readers. If you are in business already, you already have an audience so you are a step ahead.

Your brand is what people first experience when they interact with you (if you are the actual brand) or your business. Every experience, product, hearsay, interaction or anything that is associated with your brand all has an impact on the empire you are creating.

There will of course always be room to grow and expand your brand but imagine the success you would have if you got it right at the beginning of your journey.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

Design: It makes a positive more influential impact if your brand design is targeted toward the clientele that you are hoping to attract. If design is not your strong point then investing in this is definitely worth it. Think of it like a book cover, people are more likely to pick up and consider buying your book if they are attracted to it. Appealing to your niche is paramount at this stage.

Your logo is important. It is something that benefits from being instantly identifiable and triggers a ‘must have’ emotional endorphin rush in your target consumer.

Mindfulness : People don’t always necessarily remember all of the details but they will remember how they feel about certain books, products and services they have acquired. So focus some energy on ensuring that you provide the emotional experience you hope to promote.

Every interaction that you have, no matter how small, has the potential to build or damage your brand. So always aim for a best case scenario.

Give more: I am a giving person by nature. I feel good when I give someone something that they really desire. I know that I have become a publisher because I love to give authors the dream of holding their book in their hands, I guide them through the often daunting process of publishing.

Inspire:  I have experienced firsthand the potential power words have on helping someone in need to move forward feeling supported and not alone. If you offer a service or product, give that little extra, it may make a big difference.

Helping others: Often the work I do out of the goodness of my heart leads to amazing affiliations. I often take on community or charity projects. I do this with no expectation from the project only to make something magical happen for those in need because this is important to me and makes my heart sing. Quite often the most amazing things find their way back to me through my act of kindness.

Integrity: Be that business people want to be part of, be the success story and defy odds. Be true to your values and principles as they are hard to retrieve once they are gone.

As you build your brand your business will evolve, your worth will increase and you will be able to grow and bring more people or services on board to help you grow more.

Plant Seeds: Inspiration is a gift and when followed by passion wonderful things can grow. Be brave, be innovative and be kind to yourself- it’s going to be hard work.

Hard work and focus: People admire others who work hard to achieve goals. Let’s be honest, some people get lucky but building, growing and sustaining a business is hard work and requires a lot of determination and focus.  Nurture those seeds.

Partnerships: Partnering and affiliating with other complimentary brands and services is an amazing way to build your brand. When two businesses complement each other, clicking in place like a jigsaw piece, amazing things can happen for everyone involved. I love it when amazing people come together,

Treasure your tribe: Since joining the Ausmumpreneur network my opportunities have ten folded. Often building a business can be quite isolating and being a mum, quite limiting but in this fabulous community there are no obstacles to achieving everything you want for your business.

When I joined this network I had no expectations of making big sales or the amazing friendships and contacts that I have but I have and I am so proud that my hard working and caring nature has been recognized and embraced wholly by this amazing group of women who lift each other up every day.

Wonderful wishes for future success,

0681a9a5-3760-4628-a832-c58f1ef8860dKaren is founder of Serenity Press, a boutique publishing press based in Perth, WA that services clients with their established global distribution link. She is passionate that a publishing experience should be a positive one and likes to manage things at a personal level with her amazing team. 2015 was a big year for Serenity Press and 2016 is going to be amazing. We would love for you to join us on our journey as we grow from strength to strength bringing amazing books to the world. I believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a story within. find out more about Karen at http://www.serenitypress.org