As I stood there watching his little face, eyes red from his tears, snot trickling down from his nose, the house filled with the sounds of his wailing, I could feel a torrent of emotions bubbling up inside of me.

If you didn’t know better, you could be forgiven for thinking I had asked my 7-year-old son to cut his arm off.

But no, nothing as dramatic as that. It was a simple discussion about some jobs he could do around the house to pitch in, that resulted in yet another tantrum. The 100th for that week. Well maybe not that many, but it sure felt that way!

I could feel the anger and frustration rise up within in me. The little shit. How dare he carry on and perform over a request to do a few things like make sure HIS dog has food and HIS toys are packed away.

What does he think I am? His bloody servant?

I make sure he has food to eat, clothes to wear, toys to play with and me to play with him as well.

Is this really too much to ask in return?

I sometimes wonder why I was blessed with children, because to tell you the truth there are times where I really don’t feel cut out to be a parent and I know I don’t do a good job.

As I kept thinking those thoughts over and over in my mind, focusing on his crying and protests, my anger and frustration grew stronger and stronger and I wanted to walk out of the house.

Purple cow_Simone

It was in that moment that I remembered the purple cow. She is my cow that pops into my mind whenever I am thinking thoughts that don’t serve me. She is the cow that reminds me I get to choose the experience I am having in each moment and create my own reality.

Purple cow is a circuit breaker to snap me out of spiraling down the rabbit hole!

When the purple cow pops into my mind, I know to go my happy place! I revert to the vision I have for my life.  This brings a feeling of bliss over my body and it is physiologically impossible to be angry or sad when you feel happy and blissful.

So I now had a choice. I could continue to think about all the reasons this situation was pissing me off and feel my body getting tighter and tighter with anger or I could choose to focus on love and the fact that he is a small boy learning to find his way in the world, and that this tantrum will pass and things will be fine again very soon.

So I shifted my thoughts to what was right about this situation, what lessons it held for me and I looked at my son with love instead of frustration.

I’ll admit this didn’t happen in a split second, but like Pantene, it did happen. Practice as they say, makes perfect.

That fire in my body which had made it’s way almost up to my eyeballs, began to subside and I could feel my body relaxing again.

My faithful friend the Purple Cow comes in handy often. It shows me how I can be happy no matter what.

This is an example of my child at home, but don’t we get triggered by all kinds of people?

People we work with, strangers in the street and other family members.

Why don’t you share how you can create your very own purple cow so you too can create your experience in every moment and be happy no matter what!

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