Round 1 voting starts at 7.00am on Wednesday 5 July and

ends on Friday 21 July

Finalists in all categories announced on Monday 24 July

Round 2 voting starts at 7.00am on Monday 24th July and

ends on Sunday 13th August

Winners in all categories will be announced on Friday 25 August

Please link your banner to the main voting page and use this link for ALL promotion

The link will go live on Wednesday.

At the end of this round the top 10 entrants in each category with the most number of votes become finalists and qualify for the final round of voting

The winners will be announced at the AusMumpreneur Awards gala evening on 25th August at Doltone House in Sydney. Everyone is welcome to attend this event!

Tickets are on sale now here:

Voting Tips

The AusMumpreneur Awards are so special to us, they’re our opportunity to let the wider Australian community know about the work of women in this industry, and to increase understanding in the diversity of businesses successfully run from home.  We are a community and as an AusMumpreneur Awards nominee you are representing our community.  When our judges are selecting finalists they’re looking for people who have exceptional qualities such as excellence but they’re also taking notice of kindness, generosity and positivity as well, often after reading an entry they’ll also check the business out on social media and your website to get a feel for who you are.

In light of this we just want to provide you with a few do’s and don’ts regarding the voting. Please take the time to read these guidelines and if there is anything you would like us to clarify or ask about please share this in the group so we can all be part of the conversation or if its more private please email

Here’s what you should do:


*Create a plan

Think about how you’re going to get the message out to your audience – will you use newsletters, social media, blog posts, media releases, flyers etc. and then look at your overall marketing plan and find ways that you will incorporate this into your strategy.

*Find ways to include it with things you’re already doing

eg Do a social media post about Fathers day & then write a PS If you love what we do let us know by voting for us here ____.

Include a reminder at the end of blog posts

Include it in the header for your newsletter

Include your vote for me button in your Facebook cover photo, your profile pic etc etc.

*Be persistent

One social media post isn’t going to have much impact on its own but an integrated campaign where you remind your readers to vote from time to time will.  In the past we’ve found its not those with the biggest pages or most subscribers who win but those with a consistent message who remind their readers to take the time to vote.

*Send a newsletter

The press release we supplied can easily be adapted into newsletter content for you to send to your readers

*Email signature

Include the vote for me button in your email signature with a short message eg “I’m in the running to be recognised as one of Australia’s most outstanding mums in business, you can help by voting for me here ___________.

*Website automated messages

If you have automated messages on your website, eg Thanks for your order – include a vote for me message here.


Got some networking events to go along to in the next few weeks?  Print up some vote for me cards with the details on them

*Sending out orders

Print up some ‘vote for me’ flyers to include with your orders

*Market stalls

If you have a regular market stall give out vote for me flyers to everyone who comes to your stand

*Tell friends & family

It seems obvious but often we’re so busy telling our audience about what we do, we forget to tell those closest to us! Let them know

*Use video

A video message can be a great way to get people’s attention and develop rapport with your readers.

*Contact the media

Use your press release to get in touch with your local media

*Promote the AusMumpreneur Voting competition

We’ve organised a fabulous competition to make it easy for you to entice your readers to vote.  Simply by voting they’ll go into the draw to win a 3hr family sailing adventure valued at $250.  You can run your own promotion as well if you want to, however we do ask that discounts, special offers, prizes etc are drawn randomly as a general thank you for support from ALL fans/customers/supporters rather than just those who have voted as you have no way of checking this. Please also include a clause in your terms and conditions that says that: ‘AusMumpreneur takes no responsibility for any promotions held by any nominees, finalists or individuals.’


*Conduct yourself in an unprofessional manner
As an AusMumpreneur Awards nominee, finalist or winner you are representing our brand, our sponsors and Australian small business. As such you are required to behave in a professional and positive manner at all times, particularly on social media – both on your business page and also your personal page. We do not endorse racism, discrimination or offensive language of any kind. We take this very seriously. Please ask for clarification if you are unsure about this.

*Bully, harass or threaten other nominees

This includes bullying directly or indirectly (ie through having someone else bully, harass or threaten them). This shouldn’t have to be stated but unfortunately in previous years sadly this has happened. If this happens to you please keep screenshots of everything.  We do not have the resources or time to monitor this, nor should this be our role in managing the awards.  This is a criminal act and we recommend that matters involving any kind of bullying be reported to the police for investigation. Defamation also falls into this category, again keep screenshots of everything and report to your solicitor.

*Form voting syndicates or alliances

This is where 2 or 3 nominees in different categories get together and tell their fans to vote for the 3 of them.  This is unfair and not in the spirit of the awards. While partnering and collaborating works well for media opportunities, voting syndicates give an unfair advantage over other nominees. You MAY support other nominees by featuring them in your blog or giving them a shout out now and then but please don’t request that people vote for the same few individuals in all of your communication. Please ask for clarification if you are unsure about this.


This includes creating fake accounts, voting on behalf of friends and family, and voting for yourself more than once using different email accounts. Cheating will result in immediate disqualification.  Apart from anything else, being disqualified for cheating as a business owner is really embarrassing for you personally and can really harm the trust and reputation of your business. We can see and have recordings of who has voted and their IP address in the backend of our system. We take this very seriously. Please ask for clarification if you are unsure about this.

*Buy votes

Buying votes includes offering a discounted price only for those who vote for you, or paying people to vote in any way. This also includes promoting your nomination on click farms or group voting websites. Please ask for clarification if you are unsure about this.