Recently I had a moment where I questioned what the point of all the mumpreneur juggling was and wondered if my family and I would all be better off if I just stopped. Life was busy, I always felt as though I had more to do and I was tired.

In my heart I knew that I didn’t want to give up but the doubting was strong. And I’m not alone. We all doubt. We all wonder if the simpler choice is the better choice.

I shared my doubt-filled pondering with the amazing Amy Taylor-Kabbaz and her tribe of gorgeous women and her response was “you do it because it’s what your soul needs.”

It hit home like nothing else. It was the reminder that I needed to hear. I’m not doing this for fame and riches. I’m doing it because my purpose calls me to do it and because when I’m doing it I’m a better mum and a better person.

Yes, it’s messy. Yes, we won’t always get it right. But, it is worth it. So keep on pursing that dream of yours. And, when it gets hard reach out to mumpreneurs around you to encourage and support you.

You’re not alone in this crazy thing we call business.

Rach x


About Rach

Rach WheatleyRach Wheatley is a proud mum and wife who juggles day care drop offs, collecting pretty things and getting sweaty via a range of fun/crazy fitness adventures. Rach loves working with women who want to live a more meaning life and thrives on helping women live out their life purpose by developing the business of their dreams. She does this through her business Project: Breathe. Her online business and blog provides consultation, workshops and tools including motivational posters to help women go from ‘pie in the sky’ dream stage to ‘wow this business is actually happening’ stage.