Tell us about yourself and your business?

It’s been almost six years since I last did an ‘About Me’ for Ausmumpreneur. I’d just turned 25, and now, turning 31, I can confidently say I’m still passionate about what I do.

My job description has changed over the years and whilst I still remain in the wholesale world, I now pass on my experience of being an agent, managing agents, importing & distribution, and advertising to my clients through consulting and assisting my clients build their business.

From day one, my goal was to help others; stores, brands and other service providers. It’s not so much the tasks, I’ll be honest, building an order form isn’t a ball of excitement, but it’s more the thrill I get from helping the business owner. Seeing that brand move towards offering a professional brand, and then seeing that brand pop up in stores around the country. That’s why I do what I do.

I’ve always said I’m not in it for the money, or to take over the world. I’m in it to help where I can and offer my advice and experience, and what I’ve learned along the way personally, to help businesses reach their full potential.

I don’t necessarily think of myself as a business coach. I’m a small business owner, just like most of my clients, and I don’t charge much. I understand what it’s like to outsource, not just with money, but in handing over parts of the business to make them better. I think of myself as a helper. Affordable and trustworthy, and most of all relatable to my clients; someone they can feel confident working with.

A lot of my clients are one person shows, so they don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off or seek advice from. They don’t have a boss pushing them to get their shit done. They only have a certain number of hours in the day yet a never-ending list of work to do. And that’s where I like to come in.

I like being that person who is there to bounce ideas off, give feedback and advice, and then push them to do what needs to be done. And no matter what the task – big or small, mundane and boring or just something they hate doing or have no idea where to begin – I’m here to help.

What inspired you to start?

I remember getting my first job when I was only 13 (yes underage!). I’d been helping my parents work since I can remember, and working has always just been something I respect and take seriously. I invested everything into my first job and every single one thereafter.

I love to learn and I’m enthusiastic. I go above and beyond what is expected and that has stayed with me through to today.

I remember one client when I was about 17 and was working for a cabinetmaker.

“You treat us like we are your only client, though we know this is far from the case!”

That has stuck with me all these years, and it is that personal attention that is the foundation for my work ethic today. I put my clients before myself and I put my all into each and every one.

Working for a lot of great businesses along the way has allowed me to thrive in my job and always go that extra mile. I, like many mums, started off selling baby and kids’ products after having children, but I quickly found that there were so many great brands around the world that weren’t yet in our country. That was when I decided to shift towards working with brands within the wholesale environment.

Fast forward from 2008 to 2015 and I hit a point where I was exhausted but I still wanted to help others. I didn’t want to quit, but I knew I needed to refocus on myself and my children, both who had been neglected.

I decided to it was time to take all those years of experience and shift to a role that allowed me to focus on what it is I like doing, what I’m good at, and something that gives me more control.

With positive support from a few people, I shifted my focus, changed my lifestyle and began my website.

I began listing services I could help companies with, and now a year on, I have fine-tuned what I offer, narrowing my focus in some areas, and broadening in others. And whilst I have finally found and narrowed in on my “calling”, I am still growing and learning. Myself as a person, as well as my business, and I pass this growth and experience on to my clients and their businesses.

Why do you love being a mumpreneur?

To be honest, I never felt like I was a mumpreneur as I had nannies helping me with my children while I focused on my business. Only recently I have started putting my kids before my work and whilst I can’t undo lost time with them, I don’t look back in regret. I realised I did what I had to do at that time, and have grown from that experience. Now I put my children first, before any tasks and before just one more email. I now have a much more flexible position where I can control how much work I take on and when. I have started working 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, and nights and weekends are time for myself and my children. This has made a world of difference in all areas of my life; my business, myself, my health, my children, and my relationship.

How do you help business owners?

The biggest benefit I offer is sharing my knowledge and experience. I always think, why should they have to learn themselves and make the mistakes I made? So I offer advice and share my vast experiences with them to make their business the best it can be. I not only consult with them, but I am there to help them do the tasks as well.

For example, if they show me the order form they are sending stores and wondering why they are not getting many orders, I will give them my honest opinion – I don’t fluff around! I will tell them what they need to do and if they don’t have time or are not sure how, then they can hire me to do it for them. I always say as long as it gets done, I don’t mind if it’s you, me or someone else, just as long as its gets done!

I offer a variety of services but I like to summarise it as: helping business owners get on track and take the right steps to grow their business.

Why are you passionate about helping small businesses?

I think it has a lot to do with my personality. In every single way I am a giver. I love nothing more than pleasing and making people happy.  I spoil everyone I know!  So, when it comes to me the business woman, I want to share the love in a business way as well. At the end of the day, all I want is for anyone I come into contact with, to be happy and successful. That in turn, makes me happy and successful – and then I know what a great life I truly have.

What are your 5 tips for wholesaling?

  • Don’t start until you have systems in place; whether that’s your images, your invoices, your packaging.
  • Be careful where you spend your dollars. Is it going to give you the return you need?
  • Care for your stores & their success, not just your own
  • Be reliable and efficient. If you can’t be, then hire someone than will be.
  • Be honest & friendly. Just because you wholesale doesn’t mean you are above those that retail.

About our featured Mumpreneur :

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