We’re publishing a book and we’d love you to be a part of it!


Do you have a story to share for women in business.

We’re very excited to invite participants to have the opportunity to become published authors as part of our new book for entrepreneurs.

This book will contain 25 stories from Australia’s leading AusMumpreneurs including their tips and advice on how to create a successful and profitable business.

Becoming a published author increases your credibility and influence and can really open the door to new opportunities for you and your business.

This book is a collaborative project and includes professional editing, proofreading, interior formatting, beautiful cover design and quality printing is all taken care of and our publishing team are even able to provide ghost writers for you if you need help!


Being a part of Back Yourself has been an amazing experience because not only was I able to connect and journey with amazing mums in business but it enabled me to discover more about myself and achieve so much in such a short period of time – from being a best selling author, Ted Circle speaker, being a part of the Oscars and more! The experience also reminded me of my journey so far and really imprinted in my heart my purpose to empower others. This was definitely a big step out of my comfort zone and one that I will forever be thankful and grateful for. Thank you, Peace, Katy & Karen for your support and guidance along the way.


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This is a collaborative project where we all contribute to help cover the printing, editing, publishing, coordination and promotion costs.

The book will launch at the 2024 AusMumpreneur Awards 

Places are limited please apply here for more information.

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Being a part of the Back Yourself book as an author has given me so many things like courage, the opportunity to promote my business on new platforms and step way way out of the comfort zone. I’ve grown and made life long friendships from the experience. The most incredible thing that happened though, was that the process made me actually stop and reflect. Looking back to remember how far you’ve come and celebrating where you’re at right now, is powerful. Being a part of Back yourself, was wonderful validation to me, that I’ve done a good job and I should keep going.
I’d encourage you to share your inspiring story in the next edition, Women changing the world. You just never know who you might inspire to do greater things. Maybe even you.

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