My name is Diane Mckendrick and my business name is Those 2 Sisters. Sisters by CHANCE, Friends by CHOICE and Business partners on PURPOSE!

I am in business with my older sister Michelle Anne & we are mothers on a Mission. Together we blend the best of both worlds. SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY or LIFE & SOUL, inspiring women globally to create a life of FREEDOM for themselves and their families. To step out of the spiritual closet and reclaim their presence & power to become The Aligned Woman !

We have overcome adversity and built, brick by brick a heart centred and wholesome thriving Million Dollar business from our garage. In 2 years in business I have published 2 Amazon best Seller books, both have a podcast with over 5000 reach, run exclusive high end sold out women’s retreats, webinars, online courses, released a sterling silver jewellery range, sports clothing range, customised protein blend, customised journals, cacao and are compassionate leaders to a rapidly growing conscious community of successful highly evolved powerful women leaders within the coaching industry and recently was recognised in the Ausmumpreneur Awards with a Bronze.

When did you start your business?

I have always been an entrepreneur, selling anything from painted rocks to the neighbours, Painted Lead Light bulbs at the markets with my uncle, car parts at swap meets with my Dad ….Andtheicingonthecake…whenIwas8, RERAFFLINGameattraythatIwonina raffle to my Nans neighbours to make some money while I was on holiday.

My poor old Nan was horrified when she found out I’d been door knocking for kilometres from her home – on selling raffle tickets to the meat tray I won.

I made $156 – That’s alot of musk sticks and redskins for an 8 year old. HAHAHAHA

I then progressed and society taught me to “behave myself” and follow the status quo so I got a proper job. I worked for someone else for many years before I saw the light. After having soul destroying, autopilot days at a corporate job, I had a defining moment and QUIT.

Had a mid life & identity crisis at 25 years of age and vowed to support others through their dark night of the Soul. So I started as PT and quickly realised people’s bodys are a reflection of their Values & Self Worth so starting studying the BRAIN to support my clients, I became a qualified life coach and a Doterra Essential Oil Wellness Advocate.

I realised one day that I was playing small and hiding ….. So I decided to LEAP and step out on my own and run with a personal brand which oozzeed space, structure, strategy & spirituality.

To show other mums how to make money by doing what they LOVE with people they LOVE while being present & nurturing Mumma, bringing the family along for the ride.

What was the inspiration behind starting this business?

A few years ago, before the world went crazy, I was floating along nicely. A great life with my husband being the breadwinner in his dream job as an International Airline Pilot for Virgin Australia. His income allowed us a fun & luxurious life and meant I didn’t have to work. This initially seemed cool, however, to be honest, got pretty boring after a while and I started feeling depressed and miserable.

I loved raising my children and being a “stay at home” Mum with a sweet, sensitive, caring partner who provided for us was my dream come true so it was surprising to me when I got really honest with myself – I felt lonely, isolated and stagnant.

I had a fantasy of what being “Mum” would look like and I was searching for fulfilment outside of me in my motherhood.

My days were busy, too busy to feel the emptiness. I busied myself with being the best Mum I knew how. The reality of being at home, however, with small children on my own, hit hard. Every model of the world I had created came crashing down around me.

I became Ross & Esme’s Mum & Gus’ wife.

I felt guilty. I wanted an identity outside of motherhood. I wanted to contribute financially to our family and I wanted to support and nourish others who may have felt the same.

I wanted to leave a legacy outside of the family unit as well as within it. I wanted to REMEMBER ME!

As the universe will have it, I asked, and I received. My opportunity to grow and leap presented in disguise as one of the most challenging and heart wrenching experiences of our lives.

We got that “phone call” …. The one every family dreads. Gus as an International Airline Pilot was stood down. He lost his job overnight, as the world went into a crazy

Corona spin. Not only did he lose his job, he lost his purpose, his livelihood and his income. He lost a part of himself.

As you can imagine, the days, weeks, months following this were challenging. We were in lockdown with 2 kids, jobless and didn’t know how we would pay for food and our mortgage.

It was during this time, I made a decision.

I decided that in one year from now I would look back and instead of saying “That’s when my marriage broke down, That’s when my health issues started, That’s when we lost our house” that I would look back in a year from that moment and say:

“That is when my 1st book went best seller, my 2nd book was published, my podcast launched, my 1st high end package sold, my sterling silver jewellery was launched, my mastermind subscription was created AND ….. then I got to work.

So in short…. the inspiration behind starting my business was emptiness, loneliness, loss, greif & a feeling of helplessness.

I decided that I had the magic and medicine to support other MUMS and FAMILIES to navigate these challenging times and it was now my DUTY to show up through the fear, challenges, uncertainties and LEAD the LEADERS !

What are you most excited about in your business?

I wake up every day LIVING my dream. I am most excited about showing other mothers how to create this as their NEW NORMAL. I am excited about all the new conscious products and events I am birthing and creating. I am excited to witness other mothers SHINE and feel FREE in their expression & choices. To use our business as a vehicle to global healing. Healing families all around the globe as women come together and RISE UP together.

What has been the most challenging thing about starting your business?

Juggling society’s expectations of me as a mother & my insatiable desire & drive to make a difference in the world. My old belief that I could either be MUM or MILLIONAIRE. A pesky little belief that lurked beneath the surface. Directing my decisions, actions until I uncovered it. Alchemised & transmuted it, wrote a book about it and LIVED it! It still pops up every now & again.

What advice would you give to other women thinking about starting a business?

Simple – I have 2 pieces of advice (well i have many more but let’s keep it succinct & simple) 1. “It’s not about the how, it’s about the NOW”

Diane Mckendrick

I have witnessed soooo many of my clients channelling incredible ideas (you may even have some of your own that pop up as you’re reading this) and then …. The brain starts …. and tells us all sorts of stories. One of the 1st things will be “I don’t know how”

The how doesn’t matter.!!!! Choose HER, be guided by the part of you that gave you the idea. The HOW will be presented.

When I wrote my 1st book I didn’t know how to write a book. But I DID know how to make a phone call, I did know how to ask for help, I did know how to book in a workshop, I did know who to arrive at the workshop, I did know how to say YES to the offer… (although, I did not know how to pay for it $$$$20k I didn’t have).

Soooo I made the phone call, asked for help, arrived at the workshop, said yes to the offer and wrote/published AND PAID for my 1st Amazon best seller book in 3 months.

Yep … I didn’t know HOW to write a book. I focused on the NOW and what was ALIVE in me right in this moment and was divinely guided.

And the 2 pieces of advice …..

“Stop making it about YOU and make it about HER” (the woman or family you can support)
Diane Mckendrick

When I started my 1st podcast I was terrified. What would people think, who am I to start a podcast? I mumble & don’t speak well, people already know what I have to offer, what if I stuff it up, only famous people do podcasts, I have no idea HOW to start, I’m too busy.

I realised. I was making it all about me, me, me…… Once I flipped it and made it about the woman or the family I may be able to support through my magic & medicine, it became EASY. It became my duty to get my voice to the world FOR YOU. Now I have a product Plan, Produce & Publish your Podcast with Diane Mckendrick which has supported over 20 women globally to get their fully expressed voice to the world.

I am up to Episode 112 on my Rise & Shine Podcast Series.

Why did you enter the AusMumpreneur Awards?

I believe one of my clients entered me

What did you enjoy the most about being part of the awards?

The way I found out I won Bronze was my favourite part of the Awards

What surprised you most about the awards?

How many incredible women are out there doing the work and supporting each other. That there is a whole world of Awards and women doing amazing things that I had never tapped into and how my Influence or expression can also support the growth of women supporting women.

How did the awards help you in your business?

The surprise nomination and Bronze has reminded me of how far I have come since I started and how many other women I am supporting by stepping up and leading the way. A special and surreal way to be acknowledged for the quiet work I do. A reminder of the value of this work & lifestyle and how beyond blessed I am to be on the path of Ausmumpreneur.

What advice would you give to other mums thinking about entering the awards?

Just DO IT
It’s a full body experience that you won’t get anywhere else. Sometimes the registration or interview questions can get added to a very long “to do list”

In my embodied experience of entering this award, simply carving out time to answer the questions with a full heart & deep honesty has been healing in itself. Regardless of if you win or not…. the community, connection & recognition is medicine in itself.

What has been the best thing about starting your own business?

FREEDOM, liberation, legacy, impact, income, connection, creation, expression …..

What’s happening next in your business?

Keep any eye out for our NEW core Signature online Program which we will be launching before Xmas 2022! For the NEXT LEVEL WOMAN who is ready to QUANTUM LEAP. Give them Goosebumps, Heart Cracking open content & embodiment practises for high calibre business women to:

Get your TIME back
Get your ENERGY back Build REAL relationships Make even MORE money

What are your big plans for the future?

This afternoon is as far in the future that I have thought about today and I will be picking my kids up from school. Taking them for hair cuts and then jumping on the trampoline with them before cooking dinner & tucking their sweet little faces into bed and falling asleep together.

Process, systems & team set up to hold the sales of my retreats, online programs and conscious products so income keeps flowing in as I play with, lay with, jump with, argue with my 10 and 8 year olds.

Thank you Ausmumpreneur for supporting me in raising my credibility and increasing my connection and engagement to Mummas ALL over the world to show them what is possible.

What is your website and/or social media links (eg. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

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