Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret ingredient shared by all successful people?  I believe there is and it’s called … SELF-BELIEF.

It’s true that even the most successful people have moments where their self-belief wavers.  They have the same fears and doubts that you have.  But the most successful have fewer of those moments and importantly when they do, they have a system in place to shut that negative self-talk down.

Self Belief

Let’s look at athletes for example. No Athlete ever won a race that they didn’t believe they could win.  Their self-belief is unshakeable.  They spend weeks, months, maybe years visualising that race … and the moment of victory … the exact moment that they win.  They know how it FEELS to win, they know what it LOOKS like … probably even how it tastes when they win.  They don’t believe that they CAN win.  They BELIEVE with every cell in their body that they WILL win.   And THAT is a mindset for success.

If you’re like most people you’ll have moments of wavering self-belief … maybe some of those moments could turn into hours, days or weeks.

So today I’d like you to get really clear about what you have to offer the world.

Whether you offer online programs, online or bricks and mortar retail or wholesale, an app, service, or anything in between, your business is providing a solution to your customers (let’s call them Michelle & Martin).  Now if Michelle and Martin can’t buy what you’re selling they will either miss out or they’ll find it, or something else that solves their problems, from someone else.  So really, by staying small or letting that critical voice in your head win you’re not only doing yourself a disservice, you’re also doing a disservice to all of the Michelles & Martins out there.

Let’s spend a moment really thinking about what it is in your business that you can offer. What would you love to share with the world that you know would help people or make them happy. Think about a person you could help.  Think about what it would mean to them if they became a customer or client of yours. Think about what that would do for them. The outcome they’d get. Do you agree that you have improved their lives if even only for a few minutes? Does it make you feel good to have helped them? Of course it does!  Now place that feeling and memory somewhere safe so that you can access it to remind yourself whenever that little inner critic starts to be noisy again.  You’re doing amazing things, and making a real difference … feel it and believe it!

I hope this has helped you to start to drop the fear so you can be completely focussed on doing what you love. But first I want you to think about that athlete again … the one who is full of self-belief, who can feel, smell, taste the moment of success as they win the race.  Now if that same athlete had a broken leg, there’s no amount of self-belief or skill that will help until that broken part is fixed … that’s where today’s extra bonus activity comes in.  This freebie will help you get really clear on any potential gaps in your business so that every step forward from today will be a step taken in the right direction, at the right time, and at the right place to keep building the momentum of success.

I’ve worked with so many female business owners who have a brilliant idea or a brilliant product or service but they’re still not making money or feeling fulfilled.  Fortunately I’ve never come across a business that can’t be improved but before that happens we need to know what needs fixing … and that’s where the checklist comes in!  So download it now, and spend 5 or 10 minutes working through the checklist until you uncover the areas of your business that need some TLC.

Once your foundations are strong, and you know that your business is set up to succeed, that’s when your purpose, your area of Genius, can come through and SHINE … and that’s a light that your prospective customers won’t be able to ignore because when you are living your purpose, truly believing in yourself, and doing so as part of your well thought out planned approach … there is nothing that can stop you!

Next month I’ll be sharing Ingredient 3 – Planning for Success!

Have a wonderful month ladies!

Tara x

About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :


Tara O’Connell is creator of the globally successful App “The Baby Diaries”, now downloaded on every Continent in 15 languages; and creator of her signature training program “6 Steps to Shine Online” where she helps female business owners to achieve and enjoy online success. Tara is an award winning entrepreneur, author, speaker and CEO at Tara-OConnell.com where she inspires and empowers female entrepreneurs around the world to take action and achieve business success.