This week’s special guest article was written by Lisa Hayes, owner/director of All in All Parties



Running a business and having kids is hard work.  Mum Guilt plays a huge part.  You feel guilty for not spending enough time with the kids, you feel guilty for not spending enough time on your business and lets not get started on the guilt you feel as your house is a mess and you haven’t had time to do groceries this week.  Thank goodness for online grocery shopping is all I can say!


Each day from Monday-Friday during term time feels like ground hog day.  Waking at 6.30am, getting the kids to the bus stop by 7.30am, make lunches, pack lunches, dropping the youngest to pre school, do some work.  3pm hits and its pick up’s, after school activities, snacks, dinner and the list goes on!


I went through a stage recently where I had HUGE Mum guilt!  I felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with the kids.  I was stressed and I felt like everyone was suffering.  For a few weeks I just couldn’t get myself motivated.  The problem with Mum guilt is the mindset you get into, if its all too hard why bother doing anything.


This all changed when my 8 year old daughter had a dress as her dream day at school.  Her dream of what she wanted to be when she was older.  She asked me if I could get her one of my company t-shirts and hats as she would really like to work for All in All Parties when she was older.  It was at that moment (after wiping away my proud Mum tears) I realised I am setting a positive example for my kids.  Without realizing it they look up to what I am doing, they admire what I do and there was no reason for my Mum guilt.


My kids always show an interest in starting a business.  They want to help me whenever they can, especially my daughter who has a natural creative flair and will often set up the most awesome party tables.

In the last month my 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter have started their own businesses selling party bags.  They literally jump up and down every time they get an order.  I have helped them set up a face book and Instagram page and am teaching them basic business skills as we go.  The funny thing is they always try to talk my husband into leaving his job to work with me.  They admire the flexibility I have and want their Dad to have the same.



So Mum guilt, yes its real but we need to take a step back, breathe and get the kids involved.  Our kids admire us and we are role models without even knowing it.


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Lisa Hayes is the owner and creator of All in All Parties and Events.  Lisa has over 15 years in the events industry and started All in All in 2014. 
When not working Lisa enjoys travelling, spending time with her husband and 3 kids and daydreaming about a renovation project they are currently working on. 
Lisa can be reached on or visit the website All in All Parties.