Challenge Video

Digital Marketing Challenge!

Yay, this months challenge is all bout increasing your online presence!

Would you like to be big on Instagram?

Would you like to have more facebook likes?

Would you like to try out video blogging?

Would you like to get started on Periscope?

Well this is the month to do it!

We will all support each other to gain a new confidence with online marketing


Your Challenge is

1. Post everyday for one week on Instagram using 5 new hashtags and including #ausmumtribe so we can all comment and like each others posts!

2. Search the #ausmumtribe tag at instagram and comment on at least 5 other posts

3. Create a video blog about you, your business and the inspiration behind why you started post on your blog or facebook page and then leave the link in the AMN facebook group


Extra challenge

Join periscope and post your first broadcast!


Here are some great articles to get you started

How to Increase Your Instagram Visibility: 5 Tips

5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope, Twitter’s Live Video Streaming App

The Complete Guide to Growing Your Organic Facebook Reach 

30+ #Twitter Marketing Stats: 2015 – #infographic

Please post your social media links below too so we can follow each other 🙂