We’re really excited about the 2014 St George Banking Group AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards night in October in Melbourne! Our annual event brings together talented women from all over Australia, is baby-friendly and a fabulous opportunity for mums in business to grow and celebrate their successes.

2014 St George Banking Group AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards

If you are wondering whether you should come, check out our top 10 reasons below :-

1. Expert presenters

Have you caught a glimpse of who we have lined up to speak at this year’s conference? We have one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs Gillian Franklin from The Heat Group (who will be our keynote speaker), Nick Bowditch formerly Small business marketing manager of Facebook Australia, Simone Novello from PartnerUp, Chris Screen of St George Business banking, Jayne Day from Webonize, Chris Gilbert of Equitise, Michelle Wright from Mishfit, Katrina McCarter from Bubbler Deals, Simone Cadell from Tiny Tutus and Tina Harris of Lah-Lah!

Our speakers include successful entrepreneurs who have grown their own businesses from the ground up and are generous enough to let us in on how they did it! They’ll be there to share their journey, lend you their expert insights and inspire you to realise your dream too.


2. Learning and upgrading your skills


Our theme for this year is ‘Growth’, it seems fitting for us as we’re also celebrating our 5th year in business, a significant milestone in the life of a young business!  With that in mind we’ve put together a dynamic program designed to not only inspire you to reach new heights but to really give you the tools and the insider secrets on how to achieve that next step in your business!  We’ve focused on presenters who can give you real support such as Chris Screen of St George business banking who will talk about the best way to secure capital for your business, Chris Gilbert of Equitise who will tell us about how to catch the attention of investors, Simone Novello who will share the partnership strategies that can see your business triple its income in the next 6 months and entrepreneur Nick Bowditch whose start-up attracted the attention of Facebook (for all the right reasons!). Collectively these presenters are sharing thousands of dollars worth of advice to help you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.  We’re pretty excited to be hearing from them ourselves!

3. Relationship building


Some mums freak out when they hear the word “Networking” so we use the term “relationship building” instead simply because that is what us mums excel at – building and nurturing relationships with others. It doesn’t have to be daunting and we have a team of volunteers to welcome you and introduce you around if you don’t know anyone else or you’re feeling shy. You never know how a casual conversation with someone could lead to a business opportunity in the future!

4. Catch up with old friends and make new ones

Curious about some of the mumpreneurs whom you have met online and wondered what they are like in real life? Perhaps you have always wanted to meet up with some of your peers but it’s hard because all of you are from different states. The Ausmumpreneur event is an excellent place for you to cement old friendships as well as make new ones.

5. Celebrate your business and your achievements

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate how far you have come in your entrepreneurial journey other than to party and dance with others who get you. Regardless of whether your business just opened its doors yesterday or that you have been managing it for several years, you are a good enough reason to join us and celebrate everything that your business stands for.

6. Be a part of Australia’s leading conference for Mums in business

You can claim bragging rights to your family and friends that you were a part of one of the country’s biggest events celebrating mums in business. You get to mingle and interact with some of Australia’s successful entrepreneurs, walk away with a notebook full of ideas and most likely leave with a bagful of new opportunities.  Unlike most business events our events are always 100% baby-friendly too, and all bubs under 6 months are welcome to attend.

7. Show off your business skills

You may find this a little odd – how do you show off your business skills as an attendee at the Ausmumpreneur event? Well, when you chat with other entrepreneurs, chances are you will find moments where you can help them with a problem which you have faced in the past or they could be looking for a specific product/service in your niche. Having you physically present in front of potential clients makes it easier for them to make a decision to work with you.  Lots of powerful collaborations and partnerships have been formed at our conferences over the past 5 years.

8. Invest in yourself as an entrepreneur

We understand that to be a mum is itself an amazing experience. At the same time, we want you to know that you also deserve to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur and enhance your other skills too. This year’s conference will show you how your decision to attend can be translated into escalated growth as a business owner and bigger successes for your future plans.

9. Capture new business opportunities

Being surrounded by a room full of inspirational business owners is a feeling like no other. Just being in the presence of this kind of energy is exciting as well as that connecting with positive enthusiastic people can help you to bring forth new ideas or open up exciting opportunities which you may never had a chance to be involved if you were not at the event. We have an incredibly powerful network of women from all over Australia, and we feel honoured to be a part of it.

10. Have fun

Alright, we admit this. One of the bigger reasons we put together this annual Ausmumpreneur event is because we LOVE to have fun and its a great excuse to invite all our friends, old and new from wherever they are around the country to get together, let their hair down and have fun. We really hope that you can be there with us too!
Tickets to this fantastic event are selling fast and we would be honoured for you to be a part of it. Click here to secure your ticket now.