The warm weather and long days of summer can bring higher energy bills. Here’s 5 smart tips to help you save on your business energy.

Small business owners often feel the pressure of energy bills, particularly over the warmer months (and holiday season!). The good news is that there are things you can do to help reduce your business energy bill, and when you’re working for yourself every little bit helps!

1. Claim additional usage on tax

Running a business from home has its perks – like claiming your additional energy usage as a tax deduction. If you’re using energy at home for your business that you wouldn’t use otherwise, such as a fridge used for catering goods, or running a server 24/7, there’s a good chance you can claim it.

2. Adjust the thermostat

Keeping the thermostat between 25-27ºC can save you a bundle – or even better – use the ceiling fan. Running a fan costs about 2 cents an hour, compared with up to a whopping 40 cents an hour for the air conditioner.

3. Take advantage of passive climate control

If possible, position your home office to best take advantage of passive heating and cooling. A north east or east-facing room allows the morning sun to warm the room in winter, whilst avoiding harsh afternoon sun in summer.

4. Switch non-essentials off at the wall

Is the espresso machine sitting on standby all day? Switch it off at the wall, and turn it on only when you need your caffeine fix. The same goes for other appliances that don’t need to be switched on all day. Remember: if it’s on at the wall, it’s using energy.

5. Do your research

Are you getting the best deal for your small business? It doesn’t hurt to look around and keep your finger on the pulse. Lumo Energy has some of the best rates in the market, with pay-on-time discounts off your total energy bill, not just usage charges – because when you work for yourself, it all adds up.

Find out how much you could save – talk to Lumo about your business energy needs today.