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As you close the doors to the past 12 months and reflect on your successes and challenges, it’s also a great time to set some New Year’s resolutions for your business.

You’re perhaps already underway setting business goals for next year and how your business might see more growth, profit or scale.

Resolutions can be different to these – and whether they’re big or small, they might help your business transform next year.



Here are some ideas for resolutions that might complement your business’s goals.


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Business


1.       Be more social

Many customers love to know about who we are, as business owners, and why we do what we do.

It might be relevant for your business to open the doors further and give them a peek behind the scenes.

Whilst I’m not recommending you bare your soul on Instagram (unless you want to!), perhaps you could show your customers a glimpse of a new product or renovations inside your store etc.

Or you could ask your social media followers to help you make choices on products, branding, décor and more. Connect with them – get to know them and let them get to know you.

Make your social channels more than an online catalogue and build a community of your biggest fans.


2.       Start a Blog

If you want more customers, more sales and more traffic to your website, you must have a Blog.

SEO-rich, useful and informative content will bring in more leads and the right messaging will convert them to paying customers.

If your website doesn’t yet have a blog, then you’re already behind most of your competitors.

If you’re a little worried about the time or skills to set up a blog and create content, you can get email me here for guidance.

I help businesses quickly and effectively set up blogs and create valuable content that their customers will keep coming back for.


3.       Pair up

If employing a Business Coach or mentor is not on the table for you, you can still reap the rewards of getting help from someone else.

Whether it’s an ‘Accountability Buddy’ or a fully-fledged business partner, joining forces with someone who gets what you’re trying to achieve in your business is a must for business owners.

If you do not already have a friend or peer who can step into this role for you (and vice versa), reach out in the Business Mother’s Collective group and see if a member might be keen to pair up.

Having another person to cheerlead for you is great but the real value is having someone who will keep you accountable, committed and on track.


4.       Promote, promote, promote!

Getting your business in front of new and existing customers should be near to the top of your To Do list.

Hire a PR or marketer who will get to know you and your business and get your product or service in front of the right people.

If hiring isn’t an option for now, then it’s down to you to create a marketing plan that will regularly promote your business to your current and prospective customers.


5.       Get help

Whether it’s employing staff, hiring a VA or swapping skills with a business buddy, if you need help then get it.

If your business is at a standstill because you simply don’t have any more time in your week, perhaps delegating some work could free you up to do something more valuable.

There might also be certain tasks that you find time-consuming, you do not have the skills for or you just don’t want to do. So, hire someone else.

Consider joining a community or mastermind group with other business owners is also a great way to get the help you need to move your business forward.

They’re a great place to ask questions, find support, bounce around ideas and collaborate. Plus, you might just find your next business partner in there.


What New Year’s resolutions will you set for your business?


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Mim Jenkinson is a married mother of two small children and they live in Newcastle NSW.

She’s a professional blogger at and shares simple solutions to help busy mums get stuff done and have more time to spend with their families and on themselves.

Mim loves to share the journey of how she set up her multiple online businesses and help other mums make working from home successfully work for them.

Mim is also the 2018 Gold winner of the AusMumpreneur NSW Business Excellence Award!

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