Don’t you hate that awful feeling of spinning around and around, busy, busy, busy but not making any money!! You know what you want, have ideas about how to achieve your money goal but, for some reason, are not moving forward. Even worse, are you stuck in the scenario of taking one-step forward then two (or ten) steps back?

If this is you then rest assured you’re not alone. This is generally the catalyst for seeking guidance from a professional and one of the most common challenges my client’s express when I first see them. Although this block may have been formed over a number of years and via a series of life event that does not mean that it has to hang around forever.

The best strategies to move from lack and struggle to empowerment and wealth are really doable. Here are 8 of my favorites :-

1. Have clarity around what you want and where you want to go.

Look at the end in mind, what will having money bring you and allow you to experience. Is it travel, a new home, time to exercise and look after your health and wellbeing, more time with your family and friends or available funds to comfortably pay your bills.

Once you have identified these drivers create a vision board with pictures that represent these places or experiences. Place the board somewhere you will see it daily, set it up in digital format, stick it in your shower, just have it visible!

Money Blocks - Marisa

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2. Identify your money story.

What are the things you heard as a child that make you feel uncomfortable about money. Common examples are ‘If you want to make lots of money you have to work really hard’, ‘rich people are greedy’ and ‘it’s getting harder to survive these days’. Once you have identified these turn them around, for example ‘money comes to me effortlessly’, ‘my financial abundance will allow me to help others’ and ‘I have enough money to live the life of my dreams’.

3. Rewire your brain.

I have personally achieved amazing results from two particular NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) strategies, one is MindPT and the other is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping. Often the thoughts and emotions that are stopping us from moving forward are actually wired in our brain. By using methods such as MindPT and tapping you physically change those pathways and create new ones. I am so passionate about the power of this process that I have my own MindPT session ‘Miss Moneypenny’s Business School’ and tap on a regular basis by myself and with a consultant.

4. Meditate.

Yep, take time out to stop. Meditation is perfect to help stop that constant chatter that can create anxiety and overwhelm. Furthermore it allows you to recharge, sleep better and elevates that feeling of peace all of which are important for creating wealth.  Both Bill Harris and Dr Joe Dispenza have amazing meditations (please note I am not affiliated with either).

5. Act abundant – don’t focus on what you don’t have.

It’s the old Law of Attraction principle, you attract when you think most about. Focus on what you want not on what you don’t have or what other people have that you want but feel like you cant get.

6. Clear out and tie up loose ends.

Every six weeks I schedule one week to de-clutter. During this week I don’t take on any new projects but spend the time doing all of those small tasks that have been sit at the back of my mind bugging me. I also complete unfinished projects or jobs, and clean up my office, computer and email inbox. The whole process leaves me feeling empowered and refreshed.

7. Be clear around what you sell.

Make your sales message clear. Identify and target the pain points of your ideal client and know exactly how you can help them. This confidence will undoubtedly increase your sales conversions.

8. Calculate whether you selling your goods/services at a price that will cover your costs and allow you to make a profit. 

Work out your desired annual income and then calculate how many sales you have to make in order to reach that goal.

Know that you are worthy, good enough and entitled to achieve your goals and live the life you want ~ it doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you are in major overwhelm, feeling anxious and stuck in a bad place don’t be afraid to seek help. This just may be the catalysis to unblocking your wealth.

About our Ausmumpreneur Expert :

marisaMarisa Garra-Punshon helps small business owners make, manage and multiply their money by working with them to increase their cash flow, understand their finances and create accountability for their own success. She is passionate about streamlining financial and administrative systems via cloud solutions, which lead to greater efficiency, productivity and profits.

Marisa runs two businesses, Miss Moneypenny Presents and Orbit Accounts. She is a Xero consultant, designs online financial and software training programs, a speaker, Dream Builder Coach, MindPT Certified Master and a mum to two gorgeous teenagers.

Her consulting methods are unique as she provides a holistic combination of teaching small business finance principles and cloud implementation with strategies to achieve life goals and create and maintain a positive mindset.