I wasn’t sure whether to write about this or not. I wasn’t sure what ‘angle’ to take if I was to write about it. But, I decided to go ahead and share the words sitting on heart because I know there are others out there who can relate. Last week was a tough week. We had to say goodbye to our dog, Evita. Her loss was unexpected and completely shocking.

There I was going about my evening, heading outside to feed my big ol’ pup dinner and there she was, gone. The devastation hit us hard and fast. We were so shocked that our dear neighbour had to walk us through what to do.

I understand there may be people reading this thinking ‘over reaction much?’ but here’s what you need to know about my husband and I. We are were the kind of dog owners that referred to ourselves as her mum and dad. We loved her. We helped her feel safe after living in abusive environments. We entrusted her with our son’s safety. She was a part of our family. But, I will add that we didn’t go so far as to consider her our child. We understand she was a dog.

One of the hardest part of Evita’s loss was the timing. I mean, there is no good time to lose a pet but last week may have been, for us, the worst time. The same day that we lost Evita we (finally) got an offer on the sale of our house. By the next evening we were accepting an offer and arranging to sign the contract. What made it such awful timing is that we were struggling to be excited by the fact that we sold our home.

I’m a believer in a bigger plan. I believe that everything in the universe fits in together. Clearly, we are entering a time of big change. There is change happening in our family structure, location and lifestyle. I believe all this change is leading to something important. I will share with you the ups and downs of these changes as they happen.

But it completely sucks that our Evita couldn’t be a part of it.

So, to the beautiful big puppy who laid next to me at my desk while I worked, who patrolled the perimeter of the house hourly to ensure its safety and who thought she was much smaller than she actually was I thank you for your love, security and playfulness.

Rach x

About Rach Wheatley, Project: Breathe

Rach Wheatley is a proud mum and wife who juggles day care drop offs, collecting pretty things and getting sweaty via a range of fun/crazy fitness adventures. Rach loves working with women who want to live a more meaning life and thrives on helping women live out their life purpose by developing the business of their dreams. She does this through her business Project: Breathe. Her online business and blog provides consultation, workshops and tools including motivational posters to help women go from ‘pie in the sky’ dream stage to ‘wow this business is actually happening’ stage.