This fortnight I will not be introducing anything new but reinforcing a home truth and that is the importance of having a dream.  Just one week ago Australiaand the world witnessed something remarkable when female jockey Michelle Payne won the Melbourne Cup aboard Pirates of Penzance.   It was a golden moment that fulfilled a dream and the back story that followed soared the win into fairy tale status.  Youngest of 10 children, mother died when she was just six months old, raised by her dad Paddy and close sibling of strapper Stevie who was born with Down Syndrome.  When Michelle was five she dreamed of winning the Melbourne Cup.  When she shared her vision with friends they laughed.  Bet they are not laughing now.  The most poignant or hard hitting moment of all was when Michelle thanked just one of the syndicate’s owners for his belief that she would be the best jockey on the day – not a male as was the preference of the other owners.  Wow, as  a woman watching and witnessing that moment – well, I will never forget it!  How empowering to hear it as it really is!  Yes gals, we are still very much living in a male dominated society.  We know our own abilities and how we can be just as smart and strong as men – if not more so.  It was the directness of Michelle’s speech that hit home and said it how it was that was such a defining and special moment.


Anyway, I digress.  The reason for my post is to reinforce the importance of having a dream and never more so than when you start or run a business.  How will you ever hit the target if you don’t have an aim?  So whatever it is that you do, open your mind to the endless possibilities that exist.  It is never too late.  Michelle Payne took years to fulfil her dream.  She never gave up, she rolled with punches and literally ‘got back on the horse’.  I think that we all benefit from her example by opening our minds and being prepared to really put in the hard yards to achieve our best.  The secret is perseverance, patience and resilience – yes, there will always be plenty of hurdles to jump, rivers to cross and mountains to climb but who better to do it than a woman!  Go girl!


About Pip Miller, Pip Miller PR

Pip Miller is a publicist, content producer and stylist in her home town of Cairns.  She also happens to be a mum of five children ranging in age from six to 19.  Her business, Pip Miller PR was established in 1994 and will celebrate its 21st anniversary in June.  With experience comes understanding and Pip is adept in the art of bringing a story to life, along with the importance of good quality photographs and imagery.

This knowledge has also helped nurture a styling career that began almost 30 years ago when she cut her teeth in the world of media  as a cadet journalist with Australian Consolidated Press.