Have you ever wondered what makes some women into opportunity magnets? These are the types of women who are natural born leaders. They get invited to speak and participate in exciting opportunities all the time. The thing is, charisma can be learnt. No matter what her circumstances are, every single woman is capable of raising her sphere of influence and profile to manifest dream opportunities.

Here are five learnable traits that charismatic, feminine influencers have in common.

1. They trust themselves, so others trust them too

One of the most attractive and compelling qualities is the ability to be certain when everyone around you is doubting and questioning. Charismatic feminine leaders trust themselves to make decisions and to offer their opinions when they’re called for. As a result, people feel safe to follow their advice.

2. They take 100% responsibility for their results

Feminine leaders understand what it means to be in ‘above the line’ states as much as possible which means they take full responsibility for their results.

above the line thinking_Lisa

‘Above the line’ states are difficult to achieve in a world where women have been repressed, victimised and disempowered historically in many parts of the world. Feminine leaders take a stand above victimisation. They aren’t afraid to ask the question, ‘am I being self-determined and taking responsibility for my results?’ which leads to empowered victory and leadership success.

3. They understand and cultivate a physiology of excellence

When you think of the people you most admire, they all have their own unique ways of positioning their bodies in ways that create trust, likeability and familiarity. Confidence in positioning and moving your body for maximum influence is a practice that anyone can learn. A physiology of excellence is a way of moving and controlling your body’s physiology that supports powerful communication. Success leaves clues.

Successful people take control of their posture and physiology in particular ways. Taking control of your physiology allows you to find your power and access your authentic voice. Understand what it means to find steady poise and alignment in your posture and watch how it supports your level of confidence and influence on people around you. Think of people you admire and how they hold their bodies.

4. They’re great listeners

The receptive energy of listening is one of the most overlooked #artforms in our busy, fast-paced world. Understanding how to listen effectively is an under-rated skill and is essential for effective influence and selling. People need to feel heard and understood in order to build a connection with you. There’s no better way to establish a powerful connection than learning the art of listening well. You have two ears and only one mouth which means listening twice as much as you lead/speak.

Receptivity is a state of physiology and poise in which your pelvis sits in neutral, midway between a forward lean (too aggressive) and a backward one (passive). It is a posture of equanimity and sets the tone for someone to feel comfortable and safe with you. Great leaders exude receptivity and presence.

Receptivity is also the art of cultivating mindful presence. Mindful presence comes when you engage the abdominal breath and stay in your parasympathetic (rest and digest) response which is an alpha brainwave state. The use of abdominal breathing is an excellent device for overcoming and controlling the jitters which can be a common symptom of being challenged outside your comfort zone. The abdominal breath is especially helpful when you are feeling fear but need to stand your ground and speak the truth. When you breathe into the belly, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the ‘rest and digest response’, a calm and restful state of being.  When you get nervous, it’s common for the breath to rise into the upper chest. The upper chest breathing pattern then triggers the sympathetic nervous system or the ‘fight or flight’ response. Upper chest breathing raises blood pressure and heart rate, creating even more nervous tension and adding to the feeling of anxiety. Taking deep abdominal breaths supports you to be receptive and gives you better access to clear, whole-brain thinking and more easeful access to memory.

5. They understand the art and importance of collaboration

Traditionally, women were the gatherers in hunter-gatherer society. They worked alongside each other in the fields and they went shoulder to shoulder into the realms of motherhood, red tent dreaming and preparing for meals and celebrations. Charismatic feminine influencers understand that the old world of masculine competition is making way for more solidarity and collaboration. They are committed to equal opportunity and understand that collaboration is the fastest way to grow and expand.

The world desperately needs more women to make a bold stand, to lead and influence others. Have trust in yourself and your decisions, take responsibility for your results, cultivate a physiology of excellence, listen well and collaborate generously to exude optimum influence.

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As the founder of Sacred Women’s Business, a coaching and training business, which serves conscious women in business, Lisa believes that every woman has the right to tap into her unique feminine wisdom to achieve lasting success and leave a legacy. Lisa is a certified coach, writer, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, speaker, registered physiotherapist and mother. She lives in a subtropical paradise near Byron Bay with her two sons.