In my last Diary of a Mumpreneur post I shared about my husband’s big decision to quit his job and enter a world of unknown in order to change our lives for the better. We craved balance, more time together and more simple life.

Over the past two weeks as he finished out his time in his job, as a couple and as individuals we’ve experienced a gamete of emotions. One day we’re dancing together in the kitchen, the next one of us is freaking out about paying the bills while the other is busily making plans for our new life.

Making a risky decision to follow your dreams is tough when you’re one person. Following your dreams as a couple and when you have a child that you want to do the best for it becomes really tough.

My sister once shared with me the story behind Sylvester Stallone and how he put everything on the line for years, loosing everything and living on the streets but remaining determined to make his dream, the Rocky movie, a reality. As someone who has often taken the safe road and has leaned toward the cautious all my life my response was of great admiration. But the cautious side of me did question. He didn’t have kids and so he wasn’t putting others at risk. If he did have kids then maybe there’s a point where he should have stopped.

The roller coaster of following your dreams

Now, the decision my husband and I have made won’t cause us to be homeless (we have safe guards in place for that) but, we have a child and here we are choosing the risky option.

All things considering then, experiencing the emotional roller coaster is completely understandable, right? Well, I believe it is. As my grandfather wisely told me, “I’d be worried if you weren’t scared.”

With patience and grit we will ensure the roller coaster. However, we’re a little exhausted. Well, I’m a little exhausted. My husband is really exhausted. So, we’re going on a little holiday and when we get back the adventure begins.


About Rach Wheatley, Project: Breathe

Rach WheatleyRach Wheatley is a proud mum and wife who juggles day care drop offs, collecting pretty things and getting sweaty via a range of fun/crazy fitness adventures. Rach loves working with women who want to live a more meaning life and thrives on helping women live out their life purpose by developing the business of their dreams. She does this through her business Project: Breathe. Her online business and blog provides consultation, workshops and tools to help women build a meaningful business and life.