This article on Beaches & Mountains Girls Getaways was written by guest reviewer Rebecca Richardson.


It’s not every day you get an opportunity to review a mini girl’s retreat. That’s why, I was delighted to step into Peace & Katy’s shoes for 24 hours and be pampered by the amazing team at Lavender Majestic.


Hidden amongst Autumn leaves in the stunning Blue Mountains, was a beautiful old house, all ready for our girl’s retreat.  As soon as we saw it, my girlfriend and I, plus four other women, descended on it with anticipation and excitement.



As we drove up the driveway, Jim, our very own butler (who is definitely one of the main highlights of the experience), greeted us with open arms and a friendly Irish smile. From the moment we stepped into this glorious home, Jim looked after our every need. All we were required to do was relax. We could read by the open fire, lounge in the hot spa, or spend time getting to know the other guests.



Perhaps the biggest bonus of all, was not having to cook and clean up during our stay. Jim was even on hand to clean my feet after I stepped in my high tea – what a gem!


Facials and Massages

A wonderful feature of staying at Lavender Majestic, is you can also choose to include facials and massages in your package. I definitely recommend you do, as the house has its own treatment room, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get totally pampered. I was treated to an hour facial which was divine in so many ways. They used organic products from Therese Kerr’s brand “Divine” which made me feel amazing and my skin glow. There were also some lovely unexpected surprises that came with my facial, including a foot and facial massage which were out of this world.

I was told that the biggest compliment you can give a therapist is falling asleep – and I certainly did that.


Spas and Comfy Beds

I love hot spas, so it would have been remiss of me not to take advantage of the outdoor spa surrounded by spacious gardens, twinkling lights and overlooking the water fountain.

As the sun sets, you can relax with a champagne in hand and look up at the glistening stars overhead. It really felt like paradise and that time had stood still. So much so, that by the time I got out, my shrivelled up hands gave away how long I must have been in there!

My comfy bed had layers of tight fitting bedding, just like a cozy cocoon.  When I woke up, I was so shocked to discover I had slept uninterrupted for nine hours straight. I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a teenager!

It was so wonderful to wake up feeling alive and refreshed (which for this mum of two young boys rarely happens!)


The Morning After

The next morning breakfast was all laid out for us at the time we selected. Once our egg order was taken and delivered, we all tucked into a delicious breakfast of crispy bacon (yum!), eggs, bruschetta, roasted tomatoes, juice and tea. Truly, the food and service at Lavender Majestic is outstanding and better than any five star resort I have been too.


The only negative I could find was that our trip ended so early. I could easily stay there for a full week and be treated like a queen.



Nicky, the founder and chief spoiler (pictured on the right) has everything you ever need! Pure relaxation, home comforts, a 24 hour butler, delicious food, peaceful surroundings, facials and massages, open fires. There’s also lots of space for your group to lounge around and talk, or enjoy time to yourself.


So don’t delay ladies, leave your stresses at home and find yourself again at Lavender Majestic by Beaches and Mountains Girls Getaways. You will come back feeling rejuvenated, happy and pampered – just like I did.


Thank you Nicky, Jim and the rest of the BMGG team!

Bec x

About this Review

Rebecca Richardson is a heart centred entrepreneur, bringing ideas to life which foster a positive change in the world. She is the founder of Ways to Amaze, a philanthropic enterprise which inspires the sharing of kindness stories and helps charities with donations, and Chiora, a new and exciting social enterprise transforming lives and businesses through the power of coaching. Coaching has personally transformed Rebecca’s life and she is now on a mission to educate Australians on the importance and benefits of coaching, whilst empowering them to live the best life that they deserve.

Rebecca was a guest of Beaches and Mountain Girls Getaways. Boutique accommodation, Lavender Majestic, sleeps nine, but if you can’t get enough girls to settle on a date, watch this space – upcoming renovations will allow smaller groups to share the venue. For more details about the Getaways or get in touch by emailing or visit WebsiteFacebook or Instagram.

All images courtesy of Rebecca Richardson.