Article below is written by Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share the Dignity


When I started Share the Dignity, I created a vision board from a list I called the, ‘GOLD TICKET LIST’. I was very clear and a bit dreamy with WHO I wanted as Ambassadors, and WHO I wanted as Corporate Partners.  I found every possible way I could contact them, through Facebook, Instagram, their agents, and then I continually put shout-outs on social media and kept putting it out to the universe asking if anyone knew them, to introduce us. Clearly the bigger Share the Dignity got, the more that happened.



Setting goals and accountability

I set weekly, monthly and yearly goals, as I find that is a great way to motivate yourself. Letting other people know what your goal is, is a little like telling someone you are going on a diet – it’s accountability.

When I don’t reach my goals, I reassess the objective, work out why I haven’t reached it yet and find another way. My biggest lessons are from mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make them.



Share the Dignity didn’t get bigger and better without networking, which I identify as the key to so much of our success. At every event, I aim to speak to 3 to 5 people I have never met before. I am mostly interested in what they do and why. It is from this that I build great relationships, because some people just want to talk about themselves. You never learn anything new when you talk, but you sure do when you listen!

Practice your elevator pitch and ensure you deliver it in a way people want to hear it. Your voice is the most powerful thing you have, so with that knowledge use your voice and your message to get others talking about who you are and what you do.


My top tips

Write your goals down then make a plan. Get your tools ready: short and concise emails, Facebook messages and your responses. These can then be used over and over again to save you time and you know if they’re working you’re on to a good thing.

YOU have to sell yourself, or your WHY and be good at it, so invest in this. Dream big and reach for the stars if you believe you receive.


How to inspire thousands of women…

I don’t know that is me more than the WHY, but I do believe being a good leader is about ensuring people understand your message and you understand them.

In an interview recently, I was asked, ‘Why am I a good leader’?  I believe it comes from having played netball most of my life – a great team sport. I coached for 20 years and there is no better way to learn leadership skills as a 15 year old, coaching 8 year old’s; you learn to speak the same message in 8 different ways! I really believe that two decades of coaching has had a great impact on my leadership style. I am a doer and believe I would never ask someone to do something that I wouldn’t personally do. I always ask myself, is that the best use of my time? And I also apply that to our Sheros, based on their skill set and available time.

About our 2017 AusMumpreneur Ambassador :

Rochelle Courtenay –  founder of Share the Dignity

Rochelle is a mother of two beautiful teenage girls and founder of Share the Dignity, a National Registered charity helping to ensure that everyone is afforded the dignity in life that so many of us take for granted.  Since 2015 they have collected over $9 MILLION dollars of donations and funds ensuring they make a real difference to those most in need. Share the Dignity hold three collections a year #dignity drive in April and August and #itsinthebag Xmas appeal in November. Learn more here :