I don’t know why this has only just occurred to me, but I think I have some really important information that you need to know about!

In a ‘previous life’ (i.e. when I worked in corporate and not for profit sectors) I spent a LOT of time either helping people find government and non-government funding, or actually applying for grants myself. In my last job prior to starting my own business 9 years ago we attracted over $1m in government and philanthropic funding into the business in one year alone.

So it’s definitely time to share my knowledge with you … and I’ve chosen to do that from my hammock, in my active wear … (I think this may become a ‘thing’)

In the video I offer a variety of starting points to find FREE MONEY for your business! Yes, Free Money. This doesn’t mean no-strings, because you do have to present a business case (or social or environmental or educational case … depending on your business and the grant) but ultimately it is FREE MONEY … and who doesn’t want or like free money??

If you’re in Australia these links will be very useful. If you’re not in Australia they won’t be so useful however the video WILL be useful and after watching it you can use our friend Mr Google to search for “government funding for xx” where xx is your industry, your intention (i.e. export or marketing or educating the elderly), or a more specific outcome (i.e. addressing childhood obesity or domestic violence … you get the idea).

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The list I’ve provided below is in NO WAY exhaustive! In fact it’s just the tip of the iceberg … but the tip is often a good place to start, and after just one click to one website you could find yourself on a money finding mission that offers fabulous (FREE MONEY) rewards!

For Australian Government Grants click here or here.

If you’re conducting, or want to conduct research and development to create a new product click here.

If you’re exporting, or planning to export click here.

More Government Grants for Australian Small Business (including interest free Loans) click here.

If you are a Not-For-Profit or Registered Charity click here and here.

Angel Investors such as Business Angels provide funding to entrepreneurs usually via equity investors or business loans.

Health Insurance Providers such as NIB, BUPA etc also offer grant programs so if you have a product, service or program idea that fits within a community health, well being, or fitness model, these would be worth a look too!

Don’t forget to check financial institutions (banks, building societies and credit unions) as MOST have grants available. Click here to see an example of the St George Bank Grants Program.

And finally a great “How to write a grant” guide that may come in handy!


Have a wonderful week!

Tara x


About Tara

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