Natashia is a mum, businesswomen, life juggler, silver lining seeker and kindness advocate.  

She is also co-founder and CEO of the multiple award-winning National Community Care (NCC), a multimillion-dollar business forged in 2015. On a daily basis, NCC provides essential healthcare supports to those most vulnerable within the Canberra community. Natashia doesn’t stop there, with her driving force stemming from being on the receiving end of care herself, Natashia has dedicated the last 19 years of her life to the Healthcare / Community / Disability Sectors with the single goal to improve the standards simply by thinking outside of the box and speaking out against inadequate standards. 

This has had Natashia and her team recognised by ACT Health, Office of Disability, NDIA and the Human Rights Commissioner herself.  

In 2021, Natashia was titled CWB Businesswomen of the Year and in 2022 went on to publish her Amazon best-selling book ‘Project Kind’ and launched a subscription box business with the aim to support working women striving to create balance while achieving it all.

1. Tell us about yourself and your experience and your family

Today I am a proud and confident Polynesian-Australian, wife, mum of two and business owner of many. But I haven’t always been. I like everybody, faced many hurdles in life including cancer at the age of 18, an identity crisis pretty much until my mid 30s, both culturally and becoming a mum suffering from PND which added an additional layer of that mum guilt we all suffer from at one time or another. Then there is always the inner critic… the killer of dreams and stopper of potential. In my experience it’s about acknowledging the good, the bad and the ugly in order to move forward and tap into your full potential when you realise you are worthy, and you sure as heck are damn capable!  

2. What lights you up? 

What lights me up? Other than the faces of my loved ones, I have 2 primary areas that truly light up my world. 1 – I crave the

fuzzy-feel goods of knowing I can make a positive difference in the lives of others. A difference of any size is still a step in the right direction. I want to leave this earth knowing I at least improved 1 person’s circumstances in life.  

2- The anxious, unsettling, awkward, butterfly feeling you get when you are outside of your comfort zone. I know when I have this feeling, as much as the human body is trained instinctively to retreat, I know I am on the cusp of something new and I can push through and level up. In doing this, I often achieve those

fuzzy feel goods!  

3. Tell us about your business/es, how it helps people and what makes you different (and better) from all the others out there offering the same service? 

I have had a number of businesses over the years, all varying in size and sucesses, from Service Supports, to Self-Development, to Training and even IT. But the one thing ALL of my businesses have had in common is the WHY. My why has been the desire to enrich the lives of others.  

Today my primary two businesses are National Community Care and Project Kind.  

National Community Care is a service provider like no other. We sit between the community/Disability Sector and the Health Sector. In the gap, seems to be a number of community and disability participants that fall between the gaps, whether it be in accessing clinical supports or accessing funding to engage such supports. NCC have single-handedly begun to close this gap within the ACT. Where every other provider has turned away from clinical complex care, we have excelled, making NCC the provider of choice not only to participants, but also out ACT Health, Office of Disability and the Public Trustee and Guardianship.  

Project Kind – For me, I was incredibly late to the self-development game, always sticking in what I thought was my meek, modest and humble lane. Then I had an apiffany that if I don’t back myself, no one else will. So, when I discovered the value in self-development and the value returned to my businesses, I had to shout this from the roof top ASAP to any soul that would listen! As I found myself down the rabbit hole of self-development, I was signed up to every online course and business coach I could get my hands on. Some were ok, some were great. But I found there was a lot of noise. I felt like every second person these days is some kind of business coach. So, I started to trial and test resources with the hope to only share with my audience what I personally believe to have been of value and backed by tangible evidence. 

What makes Project Kind unique is that I want you to succeed. I want you to see your value and your worth. I want you to put yourself first.  

4. What inspired you to go into business for yourself? 

I believe the world has 3 types of people. Watchers, talkers and doers.

By going into business, I felt it was my opportunity to make things happen, to create change within my space stepping into being a doer because the change I want just isn’t happening otherwise.  
My industry of choice isn’t niche, I didn’t create or discover something brand new. I just simply choose to do what I do better, and then continue to push the boundaries In hindsight, going into business for yourself brings a satisfaction like no other. There is something about running your own business, relying on yourself and not being constrained to the ongoing issues women face still til this day. Things like women in leadership positions, gender pay gaps to name a few. I know by running my business, my way I can and do choose to operate honestly and equally.

5. What has been the greatest lesson that being an entrepreneur has taught you? 

Entrepreneurship is not for every person. I certainly didn’t strive to be an entrepreneur by any means, but I think that’s the secret of watchers, talkers and doers. If you just get ‘doing’ then the next thing you know, you’re creating waves and changes in your space. If I had to sum it up into one sentence, it would be this:

Some days there are wins, some days there are losses but there are always lessons which lead to growth if you allow it.  

6. What are you excited about in the year ahead? 

Every year, I am always excited about the prospects of continued growth, meaningful connections and endless possibilities as I continue to strive to make the world a little

 kinder in the process both personally and professionally.

This year, I am excited at the expansion of my businesses any we are only 3 months into the year! I am excited at the momentum we make in creating waves on our way to striving for systemic change in the community/disability sector. Lastly, I am always excited and refueled when I connect with other ‘doers’.

7. How can people work with you? 

Project Kind is always on the lookout for amazing resources and collaborations with like-minded people, businesses and causes through a number of different ways.

Natashia Telfer
CEO / Founder
O: 02 6242 4978 
M: 0401 439 798
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