This article on Beaches & Mountains Girls Getaways was written by guest reviewer Ingrid Green, Symes Group



Nobody does autumn like the Beaches & Mountains Girls Getaway at the Blue Mountains. With its crisp air and blazing colours, I suspect the Lavender Majestic would look stunning at any time of the year.

We’re here to check out the boutique accommodation venue, aimed at small groups of women seeking an ideal spot for a catch-up, birthday or getaway. And ideal it is.

We are greeted at the door by host Nicky and butler Jim, with the kind of hugs that make you feel you’re already an old friend.



A tour reveals a rambling collection of rooms that has been added to a number of times, the final result working well: it’s cosy, homely and slightly quirky. Rustic and respectful (the original house was built in 1890), but with enough modern touches for comfort.

Outside, the expansive backyard (complete with huge tree) simply invites relaxation, while the front is a riot of autumn colour. There’s a sense of being tucked away and welcome peace.

While Jim takes care of our luggage and unpacks our Eskys, we join our four housemates over tea and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the conservatory.

We chat away as the afternoon sun slants in and black cockatoos fly overhead.  The cookies give way to full afternoon tea while we go in pairs for the most luxurious of facials, complete with shoulder and foot massage, all with Divine Woman products that are just … divine.



Nicky and fellow massage therapist Julia are masters of their craft and the low-lit room is a relaxing space enhanced with Australian rainforest sounds. Bliss!

Meanwhile, the food. Chunky quiche, macaroons, locally made rustic cakes like cardamom and pear and ginger, and huge fluffy scones are among the offerings, teamed with more tea or a glass (or two) of guest-provided champagne. Jim is attentive but discreet: serving, topping up glasses, clearing plates and joining the banter. There’s never a lull in conversation or even a moment of awkwardness – when someone drops food on the floor and then steps in it, Jim is quick with the brush and shovel to clean up the mess and the foot. Hilarious!



Both he and owner Nicky (aka Chief Spoiler of Girls Needing a Getaway) have a solid background in hospitality, and it shows in every detail. But beyond that, they both appear to have a genuine love for what they do; they help bring the girls together and our problems just melt away. Nicky says she aspired to owning a girls’ getaway and puzzled over how to really elevate the experience. A butler service was the answer. The problem with typical group venues is that someone still needs to clear plates, load the dishwasher and organise drinks, while here they need not lift a finger (or even get out of their robes) the entire time. Sometimes, she says, their biggest issue with guests is getting them to leave.

After our facials the logical next move is into the spa – prepared of course by Jim, who’s quick with towels underfoot, another (spa-friendly plastic) glass of wine and a robe when we’re done.  Again, it’s all in the details.

We adjourn to the living room where pumpkin soup, bread and cheese appears. The fire is a cosy backdrop and we talk and laugh like we’ve known each other for years.

At bedtime there are more Divine Woman toiletries, a heated bathroom floor (inspired) and comfy beds – you guessed it – turned down and chocolate in place on the pillow.

In the morning we’re happy to show up (some in our robes) to eggs cooked to order, crispy bacon, avocado, feta, mushroom and roasted tomato; Butler Jim is our hero. It’s a leisurely affair, thanks to the 11am checkout. It’s been less that 24 hours and new friendships are forming. We chat, pause to gather our belongings, chat some more.



And at 11am our hosts are right. We don’t want to leave!

About this Review

Symes Group was a guest of Beaches and Mountain Girls Getaways. Boutique accommodation, Lavender Majestic, sleeps nine, but if you can’t get enough girls to settle on a date, watch this space – upcoming renovations will allow smaller groups to share the venue. For more details about the Getaways or get in touch, do visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.

All images courtesy of Ruth Griffin, Symes Group