You have to love school holidays for throwing a spanner in the works. It doesn’t seem to matter that you know they are coming up and you will have to plan working around not only the usual jobs you have daily, but now also extra kids at home.


The week before the school holidays start you still forget and its not till Friday that you really register that “oh yeah, school holidays start Monday” and you haven’t planned anything but of course they have!


They want to go to the movies, have friends over, go camping and basically not sit still for two weeks.


Where as you want to take a break from the early morning school rush run and making sure you have finished all your work and your schedule is free at 2:30 to do the school pickup.


Then it gets to Monday and you are asking yourself “how long till school goes back? Because now you have to plan not only your work around your non-school age kids but now also around school holiday activities and sleepovers, at least the school week was a set routine… “Sigh”


All I can offer is to embrace it, put what work you can on the back burner and enjoy having your kids home, doing activities and seeing them at times when you normally wouldn’t because they are at school. I mean that is the whole reason we work from home to be able to work around our kids, so enjoy it!


Unless you have a teen boy who wants to close himself in his room,not acknowledge anyone (except for food) and play video games. Then you can have your usual normal day minus the school runs, lucky you, I’m jealous, but I dare say I only have a few more years till that happens for me too! For now I’m enjoying taking the kids to the movies, doing backyard science and not having to be up early for the school run..


Just poopy nappies! Oh the fun of 1 year olds but that’s another story for another day.

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Breanna-BlackmanHi, I’m Breanna a WAHM with 3 active kids who loves to be outside, get messy and create. I love sharing through blogging what its like to live a full life with kids, art, nature and love. As an active mum who doesn’t want to miss out on a balanced life, I can show you how you to can fit in fitness, healthy food and time for yourself between all that you do so you can enjoy more of your kids, achieve more dreams and really enjoy living mum guilt free. My business and paintbox full of supportive montage mums can help to show you how to take time for YOU around your busy life and kids.