Right now there are many new faces joining this community. Welcome 🙂 And with new people joining and for those who have been in the tribe for a while I thought I would take the opportunity to break down what the Ausmumpreneur Conference and Awards has meant to myself and my business.

I first joined this tribe back in 2014 when my business was in start up phase, I was nominated for my first business award and was really unsure about attending. Because, my business was in it’s infancy. I was start up, flying blind and only just starting to make a little bit of money. So I didn’t feel like I deserved the nomination.. but I’m stubborn and curious (a dangerous combination at the best of times..) so I went. One of the first people I met was Caroline Africh, she was a friendly face full of ambition, nerves and sass, we hit it off from the very beginning. On the night of the awards, I didn’t take home a trophy (but my new friend Caroline did) and though it felt awkward and embarrassing for a second I knew I had a fabulous new business friend and that made it all worth it.


From there I was hooked and over the following 4 years I’ve been a part and loved every minute of this network and the awards and conference is like my favourite Aussie event that I just so look forward to each year. Every year that I attend, I walk away with so many new amazing connections who have absolutely helped grow, shape and expand my business and my own personal tribe, contributing to so much more in terms of support and insight from other like minded entrepreneurs. And I’ve made some amazing friends for life.

I’ve been able to share my love of this network with others and have seen them also get so much out of being connected in this space, there really is nothing like it. I could have said no the first year I was nominated but I’m so glad I took the chance.

In 2017 when my baby girl was only 4 weeks old I flew from Melbourne to Sydney to attend the awards with leaky boobs, double spanks and crazy post-baby lady hair and pitched in front of the judges and I came home with 2 gold trophies! Blew my spanks off (almost literally!) What I learned was that you have to put yourself out there, leaky boobs and all.. you have to show up, be honest and be ready to win or lose. Be ready to make every minute count, say hello, ask questions, strike up a conversation and make a new friend. THAT’s what this conference and awards offers you like nowhere else. The Network! And it’s absolutely GOLDEN.

I have 7 trophies in my collection from Ausmum now (officially retiring from the awards this year but coming to the conference and awards with bells on) I’ve been an expert guest speaker at 2 of the awards. I’ve also sung with my husband one year on stage at the awards. So when you’re sitting there with the clock ticking on nominations closing and thinking “I wish someone would nominate me” – Nominate YOURSELF! I have before and I would do it all again, don’t wait for someone else to acknowledge you, put yourself out there. If you’ve been nominated and thinking that you’re not big enough/rich enough/smart enough STOP and do it anyway. I did and I haven’t looked back.

The Ausmum network has offered me a business family, leveraged a new step into mentoring small business owners, partnerships with competitors, expansion into cross alignments and so much more. If you do one thing for yourself this year invest in yourself and your business and attend this event. You’ll only get out of it what you are prepared to put in.. and that includes turning up with the attitude that it’s not about a shiny trophy (although that is super awesome!) it’s about who in that room you’ll leave having by your side in this crazy rollercoaster adventure we all chose to take. My tribe from this tribe are all treasures and I can’t wait to expand my network this year! See you there <3 x

Danielle Stearman founder of Nibbly Bits


Nominations for the 2019 AusMumpreneur Awards are now open, nominate your business or a business you love here